Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order Promoting Broadband in Rural Areas

Many communities across America need more choices for access to the tubes.

Trump Discusses Immigration With Bipartisan Members of Congress

Negotiations on immigration are in full swing now.

Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart

This is no surprise. Bannon brought this all on himself.

Fire Breaks Out on Top of Trump Tower

Accidents happen I guess.

Steve Bannon Apologizes for Quotes in Michael Wolff’s Book

Bannon's apology isn't going to change anything.

Calls Increase for Jeff Sessions to Step Down as AG

The Department of Justice might as well be run by Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch considering how Sessions has run it.

#Pissgate Author Christopher Steele Under Investigation by DoJ

This whole Russia kook investigation is starting to boomerang.

Anti-Trump Book Author Can’t Confirm if What He Wrote is True

Who the hell writes a book without knowing if what they wrote is true?

Roy Moore Accuser’s House Burned Down

Looks like it could be arson.

Al Gore Claims Brutally Cold Weather Validates Global Warming Hoax

Al Gore invented the Internet so he would never lie about anything ever!