Sunday, August 25, 2019

Senile Kook Bill Nelson Says Russians Have Hacked Florida’s Voter Systems

Another claim about Russia with no evidence to back up said claim.

Trump Goes 5 for 5 in Election Endorsements

Yesterday was a good night for Trump.

Republican Balderson Wins Ohio Special Election

No bragging rights for the Democrats on this one.

43% of GOP Want Trump to Silence Fake News Media

The Jewish fake news media are subversive foreigners who hate America.

California Wildfire is Biggest in State History

The apocalypse has come to California.

WWE Wrestler Kane is Now Mayor of Knox County Tennessee

Having professional wrestlers in public office is definitely a step in the right direction.

Kikes Conspire to Shut Down the NRA With Blacklisting Campaign

They're trying to starve the NRA by blacklisting them from financial services. Sound familiar?

60 Negroids Shot in Chicago Over the Weekend

The only way to stop the violence is to round up these niggers and send them back to Africa.