Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Jews Admit That They Are Flooding America With Non-Whites

So it turns out Jews trying to replace us isn't a conspiracy theory. We're just anti-Semitic for noticing it.

People’s Magazine Says Male Ape is Sexiest Man Alive

For some reason People's Magazine thinks apes are human beings.

Tranny Ape Michael Obama Attacks Trump in New Memoir

The tranny ape is attacking Trump to boost sales of her shitty book.

High School Roman Salute Photo Causes Outrage!

The photo has caused an uproar of outrage!

German States Want Tighter Laws for Online “Hate Speech”

Germany is one of the most totalitarian anti-free speech countries on the planet.

Nationalist March in Poland Draws 200,000

Looked like quite the epic event.

NYT Claims Troop Deployment to the Border is a Morale Killer

Yes but fighting wars for Jews and Israel is a morale booster according to the Jew-run New York Times.

Jew Lawyer Says CNN Should Sue White House Over Acosta Ban

Never trust a Jew's interpretation of the Constitution.

Israeli Forces Conduct Raid in Gaza

The demonic Jews are up to their old tricks again.