Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Jew-Run CNN Covers Groyper War With Ben Shapiro Narrative

Jew-run CNN promoting a narrative put out by the Jew Ben Shapiro. Who would have guessed?

Orange Man Says He’ll Do a Deal with Democrats on DACA

To hell with the DACA illegals. They should be deported back to where they came.

White-Hating Jewish Kike Noel Ignatiev is Dead!

Rot in hell you piece of shit kike.

Groyper War To Continue in Florida and North Carolina

We got Florida on Tuesday and North Carolina on Wednesday.

Orange Man to Leave Around 500 Troops in Syria

This is bullshit. Bring them home for fuck sake.

Nigger Popeyes Worker Attacks White Woman Who Asked for a Refund

Fast food restaurants need to start replacing niggers with robots.

Spain: Right-Wing Vox Party Makes Big Parliamentary Gains

Another step in the right direction for Spain.

Incredibly There are Shills Still Supporting Charlie Kirk and TPUSA

Looks like there's still a number of shills willing to go down with this sinking ship.

Hong Kong Rioters Set Man on Fire for Opposing ZOG Democracy

If you don't support ZOG democracy and gay anal sex, the Hong Kong rioters will set you on fire.

Matt Gaetz Tweets Support for Charlie Kirk and TPUSA

Is this guy tone deaf or what?