Hungary’s Parliament Passes Anti-Soros Laws

Anything connected to the evil Jew George Soros should be illegal throughout the West.

North Korea to Return Remains of 200 American Soldiers

And the Jews claimed that Trump gained nothing by talking to Kim.

Trump Signs Order to Keep Illegal Alien Families Together in Jail

lol and people say Trump isn't a fair man!

Anti-Trump Traitor Peter Strzok Escorted Out of the FBI Building

Unbelievably Strzok still hasn't been officially fired yet.

Corey Lewandowski Mocks 10-Year-Old Spic With Down Syndrome!

We need more of this type of commentary on cable news.

Jew Dyke Rachel Maddow Cries Fake Tears Over Beaner Babies

Nobody is buying this shit you evil kike!

Hysteria Emerges Over Trump’s Child Separation Policies

This nonsense about child separation is just more open borders propaganda.

SUV Full of Illegals Going 100 MPH Crashes Leaving Five Dead

The SUV looks like it got blown up with an RPG.

Michael Hayden Claims Trump is Running an Auschwitz Camp

He's saying Trump is Hitler for trying to enforce normal immigration practices.

Kim Jong Un is More Popular Than Nancy Pelosi

No surprise here. Unlike Kim Jong Un, Nancy Pelosi is a sworn enemy of America.