Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama Senate Election is Today!

If you are in Alabama, be sure to get out and vote for our man Roy Moore!

People Are Taking Out Mortgages to Buy Bitcoin

The Bitcoin mania continues.

CNN Investigates Donald Trump’s Diet Coke Habits

The fake news from CNN keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Bomb Goes Off in New York City Subway Station

ISIS confirmed. Looks like a shit skinned invader from Bangladesh!

Vladimir Putin Makes Surprise Visit to Syria

The Jewish plan to destroy Syria has failed.

Stormer Sunday Edition Volume 16

Download and spread the latest edition far and wide!

It’s Been Six Days Since Lauren Southern Uploaded a New Spank Video!

Six days is a long time to go with no new Lauren Southern jerk off material!

Steve King Attacked for “Diversity is not our Strength” Tweet

Multiculturalism doesn't work and it will never work.

Israel: Thousands of Jews Demand Benjamin Netanyahu’s Resignation

These protesters want Israel to be multicultural and we support that.