Monday, March 8, 2021

Guardian Promotes Global Lockdowns to Fight “Climate Change”

Another example of how the coronavirus hoax is being combined with the climate change hoax.

RSBN Suspended From YouTube for Two Weeks

They're going to get totally banned at some point soon.

100,000 Migrant Invaders Detained in February

The invasion is picking up steam.

Super Computer Proves Double Masking is Stupid

We didn't need a super computer to tell us this but at least it is more proof of how dumb this whole agenda is.

COVID Stimulus Bill is an Even Bigger Joke Now

They're further limiting who can get money.

Biden: Lifting Mask Mandates is “Neanderthal Thinking”

This senile old man keeps saying dumber and dumber shit.

National Guard Troops in DC Sick From Raw Meat

How much longer till the morale of the soldiers in DC becomes a problem?

China: Homosexuality Can Be Declared a Disorder

China is taking a stand against the global gay agenda.

Dr. Seuss Has Now Been Cancelled

I got a better idea. Let's cancel the Jews and the dumbasses who want to cancel everything.

Texas Finally Removes Retarded Mask Mandate

Is sanity finally starting to prevail?