Migrant Caravan Approaches US-Mexico Border

A drone strike should be ordered if necessary.

Van of Peace Enriches Pedestrians in Toronto

This type of cultural enrichment is truly a blessing.

Obnoxious Kike Gilbert Gottfried Admits Jews Control the World

This is not a joke. Jews have immense power.

Trump Talks About Pardoning Dead Nigger Boxer Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was a nigger criminal who beat White women. He deserves no such pardon.

Nazi Rally Held in Georgia Draws Huge Press Coverage

The Jews are trying to claim that this is all that's left of the Alt-Right. They are lying.

Mormon Goof Mitt Romney Fails to Secure Utah Senate Nomination

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee can't even secure a Senate nomination now.

North Korea Freezes Nuclear and Missile Testing

This is a sign that the summit between the United States and North Korea will probably happen.

Happy Birthday to Adolf Hitler!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Mr. Hitler!

Democrats Sue Trump and Russia Over Election Conspiracy

The Democrat party is an anti-American terrorist organization.