Sunday, September 22, 2019

Trump Had “Nice Meeting” With Jew Mark Zuckerberg

Just what the hell did he mean by "nice meeting"?

Iran Reportedly Approved of Saudi Oil Facility Attack

I agree with the Iranians. The destruction of those Saudi oil facilities was pretty awesome.

New Justin Trudeau Blackface Video Emerges

Pretty funny to see a politician who built his entire political brand on fighting racism, go down for doing racist things.

Trump’s Border Wall System is Actually Pretty Impressive

I like the border wall system Trump is building on the southern border.

Climate Change Hoaxer Greta Thunberg Tours America

Do these kikes really think I give a shit what a 16-year-old girl from Sweden has to say?

Justin Trudeau Did Brownface/Blackface Back in 2001

Looks like this will be the end of his sorry political career.

Swiss Protest Rollout of 5G

I think 5G should be tested first in Israel.

Sick Faggot and Democrat Donor Ed Buck Finally Arrested

This deranged faggot was drugging and fucking niggers in his apartment.