Friday, January 18, 2019

Jewish Rag “The Atlantic” Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

The Jewish war against Trump continues.

Gillette “Toxic Masculinity” Ad Directed by Psycho Feminist Cunt

Interesting choice of director for a men's razor ad.

Jew Media Whines After Trump Feeds Clemson Tigers 1,000 Hamburgers

Jews and their media operations want us to be perpetually outraged at everything Trump does.

Israel Opens Racially Segregated Road System

Apparently only Jews in Israel are allowed to implement policies of racial segregation.

President Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Foreign Trip

Huge payback for Pelosi's retarded State of the Union stunt.

Somalian Representative Bashes Lindsey Graham for Faggotry

Democrats are the real faggot haters!

Alex Jones Channel Kicked Off of Roku

The Jews did this.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on US Troops in Syria

Queue the kikes demanding Trump keep troops in Syria for 6,000,000 more years.

Theresa May Barely Survives No Confidence Vote

What a disgrace. There needs to be a revolution in the UK.