Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Boris Johnson is Now the British Prime Minister

An upgrade from May for sure, but there's still no guarantee of Brexit going through.

Trump Introduces Fast-Track Deportation Process

This means nothing if ICE won't arrest and deport people.

ICE Raids Reportedly Resulted in Only 35 Arrests

What a joke. I thought millions were going to be deported?

Stormer Book Club Warns Public That Jew Holocaust is Fake News

A tremendous public service was done here.

Iran Says it Has Captured 17 CIA Spies, US Says it is a Lie

Hard to say what's going on with this, but Iran could very well have captured some CIA operatives.

Zionist Kikes Bulldoze Palestinian Homes in the West Bank

It's no wonder why people dislike these Jews.

“Slaughter the Jews” Painted in Arabic on Western Wall

I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing. Jews are such nice people.

I Believe the Apollo Moon Landings Were a Big Hoax

Whole thing looked fake as fuck as far as I'm concerned. A big hoax.

Poland Criticized for Plan to Distribute LGBT-Free Zone Stickers

The US Ambassador did the criticizing because Donald Trump wants to make the world gay again.