Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nobody Who Saw the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Live Reported It

They did not believe he violated Facebook's community standards.

Australian ISPs Roll Out Mass Censorship to Block Christchurch Video

They really don't want people watching that video.

Turkroach Shoots Up Tram in Netherlands and Kills Three

Not surprising. The religion of peace strikes again.

Trump Now to Leave 1,000 Troops in Syria

Looks like Trump has caved on this also.

New Zealand: Teen Denied Bail for Sharing Mosque Shooting Video

New Zealand's government is sympathetic to Islamic terrorists.

Fat Actresses Taking Leading Roles on Film and Television Shows

Being fat is not something to celebrate.

New Zealand Threatens Prison for Possessing Mosque Shooting Video

They are giving aid and comfort to Islamic terrorists.

UK: Man Arrested for Supporting Christchurch Mosque Shooting

Arresting people like this is not going to change anything.