Saturday, November 16, 2019

Another TPUSA Chapter Head Resigns in Midst of Groyper War

TPUSA is losing the support of their own people.

Pope Compares Anti-Gay, Anti-Jew Politicians to Hitler

Quite the compliment to be compared to such a great man like Hitler.

Apple to Ban All Vaping Apps

Apple has become such a shit company.

“Based” Black Midget CJ Pearson Turns Against the Groyper Army

This colored midget is a traitor to America First.

Charlie Kirk Says His Event Was Invaded by Vile White Supremacists

So says someone who fully supports the Jewish racial supremacy of Israel.

Groyper War: Charlie Kirk Wrecked by Groypers in Florida

A major victory for team groyper!

People Are Actually Living in Pods Now

Wow, this sure sounds fantastic.

Jew-Run CNN Covers Groyper War With Ben Shapiro Narrative

Jew-run CNN promoting a narrative put out by the Jew Ben Shapiro. Who would have guessed?

Nigger Popeyes Worker Attacks White Woman Who Asked for a Refund

Fast food restaurants need to start replacing niggers with robots.

Matt Gaetz Tweets Support for Charlie Kirk and TPUSA

Is this guy tone deaf or what?