Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Negro Heisman Winner Apologizes for Saying “Queer” on Twitter

The Jews are expecting their pet niggers to abide by their politically correct norms now.

“White Supremacist” EMT Under Investigation by Virginia

It is not illegal to be a "White supremacist" whatever the fuck that even means these days.

Skank Judge Helps Illegal Alien Flee ICE

Shocked that a female judge would do this.

Neocon Rag Weekly Standard Likely to Shut Down

Another sign that the Jewish neoconservative bullshit of the Bush 43 era is pretty much dead.

Trans-Age Man Denied Rights by Fascist Court

Talk about a major step backwards. Where is the freedom?

Dumb Skanks Trolled Into Spending $600 for $20 Shoes

Materialism is a big problem in America.

Google Internally Discussed Burying Right-Wing Content

More evidence showing that Google is against free political speech and must be regulated.

NASA Claims InSight Probe Landed on Mars

I'm at a point where I just assume that everything NASA does is a hoax.

Star Negro NFL Running Back Released for Kicking Dumb THOT

I actually have to side with the Negro on this one.