Saturday, May 25, 2019

Survey Shows Majority of Men Uncomfortable Working With Women

Women should be banned from the workplace. They only cause problems.

500,000 Jew-Haters Demand Game of Thrones Final Season Get Remade

People are not happy with the final season which was written by Jews.

Trump is Soliciting Complaints About Social Media Censorship

This is just making me even more jaded.

WWE Superstar Fined $100K for “Racist” 10-Year-Old Internet Posts

Political correctness has even ruined wrestling.

Norway’s Post-Wall Princess is Fucking a Nigger

More proof that women are disgusting creatures with no moral compass.

Google Using SPLC Data to Create AI Censorship Algorithm

The SPLC hasn't let their PR troubles get in the way of fucking over the goyim.

Sweden Seeks Extradition of Assange Over Hoax Rape Accusation

He'd definitely be better off being extradited to Sweden than the United States.