Saturday, March 28, 2020

BuzzFeed Announces Massive Pay Cuts Over Coronavirus

Fuck these people. They can just learn to code.

Bill Gates Says We Can’t Reopen the Economy

Easy for this asshole to say. He's worth like $90 billion dollars.

Trump Blamed After Man Dies From Ingesting Aquarium Cleaner

Trump is to blame for every bad thing that ever happens apparently.

Buying 552 Cans of Mountain Dew is a Human Right

If you disagree with this you hate freedom.

2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo Postponed Over COVID-19

They couldn't have waited another month?

Coronavirus Hysteria Used to Bash Paper Currency

Jewish propaganda to push for a cashless society where all transactions are tracked on computers.

YouTube Uses COVID-19 to Justify More Video Removals

Convenient justification to ban more videos that Jews don't like.

Twitter Bans Free Speech On The Coronavirus

Twitter has been against free speech for a very long time, but this just reinforces that fact.