Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Inside Edition Crew Gets Robbed by Niggers in San Francisco

San Francisco has a real problem with nigger crime on their hands!

Shitlib Site Think Progress Gets Censored by Facebook!

Turns out censorship can go both ways!

Facebook to Start Fact-Checking Photos and Videos!

In other words, any content that Jews disagree with will be labeled as "fake news" or Russian propaganda.

Twitter Censors the Phrase “Illegal Alien” as Hateful Content

The Twitter thought police strike again.

Tucker Carlson Called “Racist” for Questioning Diversity

Diversity is definitely not a strength.

Miss America Nets All-Time Low Ratings as Negress Wins Pageant

Independent womyns, feminism and social justice have destroyed Miss America.

Serena Williams Fined $17K After Going Full Nigger at US Open

This fine is ridiculous. She should be banned from tennis for the rest of her life.

Hillary Clinton to Appear at Lesbian Tech Summit!

A lesbian tech summit is an oxymoron.

Elon Musk Smokes Reefer With Joe Rogan

Elon is either trolling everyone or he has overworked himself into having a meltdown. You be the judge.

Low-T Faggot Removed from Trump Rally for Making Weird Faces

WTF is it with these pansy ass faggots everywhere?