Saturday, December 15, 2018

George H.W. Bush Has Died and is Now in Hell

I haven't been this happy since John McCain died.

Baltimore Mayor Thinks Closing Shops Early Will Stop Black Violence

The only solution to end the violence is to remove the blacks.

FBI’s Anti-Trump “Secret Society” Held Meetings Off-Site

How much more needs to come out before we see firings and arrests? This is getting retarded.

Trump Releases Pro-Jobs and Anti-Death Midterm Ads

If you don't vote for Republicans you might die.

Trump May Strip Security Clearances for Obama-Era Clowns

These criminal traitors should not only have their security clearances revoked, but they should all be put in jail.

Suspected ISIS Soldier Arrested in Sacramento

And everybody got upset when Trump talked about banning Moslems.

Twitter’s CEO Whines About Proposed Homeless Tax

Don't you believe in Communism Jack?

Moslem Terror Threats Increasing in America

This is why we need to deport all Moslems. Papers or no papers they all have to go.

Twitter Meltdown Occurs Over Glorious Trump-Putin Summit

These nutcases would prefer nuclear war over friendly relations with Russia.

Niggers Loot Family Dollar Store After Hurricane Florence

This is all Trump's fault because he is racist and didn't do enough to help them.