Tuesday, October 22, 2019

James Comey Lectures Americans About “Truth” and “Values”

Here we have a corrupt man with no morals lecturing Americans about values.

Caravan of Brown Monkey Invaders Grows to 7,000+

Looks like the military will need to deal with this.

Nick Sandmann Sues Washington Post for $250 Million

Hopefully he drives these kike assholes into bankruptcy.

Border Wall Prototype Testing Commences!

We want that wall built!

Trump to Strip Russia Hoax Conspirators of Security Clearances

All these people need to have their security clearances revoked.

Kike Rod Rosenstein Claims Congressional Oversight is Extortion

This ridiculous Jewish piece of shit belongs in a jail cell.

US Attorney Recommends Charging Andy McCabe With Crimes

Yeah great, but will he be officially charged?

Trump Signs Order to Keep Illegal Alien Families Together in Jail

lol and people say Trump isn't a fair man!

FBI Head Says Unbreakable Encryption is a Public Safety Threat

So we can't have privacy because of Moslems? Why not just remove the Moslems?

House Intel Report Says No Trump-Russia Collusion

Wow, so shocking. We've only known about this for the past few years.