Thursday, June 27, 2019

Florida Senate Votes to Arm Teachers – Rejects AR-15 Ban

lol what do you think about this Emma? You butt hurt yet?

Trump Revisits Idea of Using the Military to Build the Border Wall

That's great. None of us care how it happens. We just want the fucking thing built.

Trump’s Support Among Blacks Has Doubled Since 2017

Blacks are doing far better under Trump than Obama.

LOL: Blurmf Tweets Again About Closing the Border

This is getting ridiculous.

Trump is Slowly Building the Border Wall

Some progress is being made on the wall.

Jeff Flake Donates $100 to Roy Moore’s Democrat Opponent

What an unbelievable faggot this loser is.

Texas is Being Overrun with Beaner Filth

Texas is turning into Mexico.

Jew Media Very Angry That Mueller Did Not Indict Trump

They gave their audience false hope for two years.

Google Crane Falls and Kills Four People in Seattle

It's the Jews fault that this happened.

Alabama Senate Election is Today!

If you are in Alabama, be sure to get out and vote for our man Roy Moore!