Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump Wants to Tackle Immigration After the Midterms

Can't blame him. It's not like anything is going to get through the Senate any way.

Andrew McCabe Sat on New Clinton Email Revelations Before Election

McCabe tried to hide the fact that Clinton's emails were found on Weiner's laptop in the run up to the election.

Democrats Pushing Government Shut Down Over Anchor Baby Amnesty

The anchor babies have to go back.

Hearings Scheduled for Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser to Speak

This is going to be a total circus. We might even get to hear about pubic hair and coke cans again.

Trump’s Lawyers Say That Mueller Obtained 10,000 Emails Ilegally

Rumor has it that Trump is going to fire Mueller before Christmas. Let's hope this happens.

Leaked Google Document Reveals on News Blacklist

This was pretty much assumed but now confirmed.

Trump Delivers Bizarre Speech Demanding Democracy for Venezuela

Fuck off with this neocon bullshit Mr. President.

President Trump to Deliver Address on Border Crisis

Hopefully he announces that he's building the wall unilaterally.

Trump Calls Out Russia Investigation as a Democrat Hoax

Hopefully this ridiculous witch hunt can be put to an end.