Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Heckled at Town Hall for Her Wealth

She's made lots of money through dirty political dealings. There's no question about this.

Communist Nigger Wins Florida Democrat Primary

This is more proof that the Democrat party has gone full retard.

Trump Bashed Over Handling of McCain’s Death

Why should Trump be forced to honor this evil Zionist piece of shit?

Susan Collins Says She Won’t Vote for an Anti-Abortion Justice

This horrible old bitch thinks murdering babies inside the womb is a moral imperative.

Pelosi Cancels Trump’s State of the Union Speech

What a petty bitch. It would be funny if Trump showed up any way.

Omarosa Claims There Are Tapes of Trump Saying “Nigger”

If the Trump "nigger" tape is real, it's odd that it hasn't been made public yet.

House Democrats Vote in Favor of Illegal Alien Voting Rights

More insanity but insanity has become the norm.

Pelosi Backs Out of Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism

Are Democrats becoming the real anti-Semites?

Caravan of Brown Monkey Invaders Grows to 7,000+

Looks like the military will need to deal with this.

Senile Wench Pelosi Claims Trump Put Her Life in Danger

WTF is this bitch talking about?