Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trannies Still Allowed to Join Military Despite Trump’s Ban

Just what in the fuck is going on here??

Border Wall Prototype Testing Commences!

We want that wall built!

Pocahontas Forms Exploratory Committee to Run for President

The Democrat presidential nomination process is going to be a total cluster fuck.

Military Reportedly to Begin Withdrawal from Southern Border

The military should not be withdrawn until we are confident the border is secure.

Facebook Flags Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech

This shows once again how American society has been subverted by Jews.

Trump Wants Nazi-Styled Military March in Washington DC

The Jews are comparing Trump to Kim Jong Un for wanting this.

Kike Rod Rosenstein Claims Congressional Oversight is Extortion

This ridiculous Jewish piece of shit belongs in a jail cell.

Omarosa Claims There Are Tapes of Trump Saying “Nigger”

If the Trump "nigger" tape is real, it's odd that it hasn't been made public yet.

Kim Jong Un is More Popular Than Nancy Pelosi

No surprise here. Unlike Kim Jong Un, Nancy Pelosi is a sworn enemy of America.

Trump Calls Out Hurricane Death Toll Hoax

This hoax is about as dumb as the alleged gassing of kikes in fake shower rooms.