Sunday, April 21, 2019

Homeless Start to Takeover San Francisco’s Airport

San Francisco is such a fucked up place.

Man Arrested for Taking Gas Cans Into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Looks like we were dealing with an insane person here.

Full Text of Mueller Report Finally Released

The Trump-Russia hoax should be totally dead but some people won't let it die.

Obama’s Border Patrol Chief Even Says There’s a Historic Border Crisis

Yeah, but invading Venezuela and Iran are more important matters.

Fear of Ebola as Congolese Caught Crossing US-Mexico Border

America can't be made great again unless we have Congolese niggers with Ebola.

Trump Says He’s Going to Dump Illegal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities

What a fucking circus this whole thing is.

Shitlibs Forced to Admit That Illegal Aliens Are Genetic Waste

At least they're finally being honest.