Saturday, December 15, 2018

Caravan Invaders Demand Trump Pay Them $50,000

This is why we need to start shooting illegal alien invaders.

Trump Says He Might Intervene in Arrest of Huawei CFO

Trump should pressure Canada to free this woman as a show of good faith to China.

Fields Trial: Jury Recommends Life Plus 419 Years in Prison

A life sentence apparently wasn't enough so they added 419 years.

Trump Publicly Attacks Nancy and Chuck Over Wall Funding

Nancy and Chuck are disgusting individuals.

Caravan Invaders Trickling Across Border in Small Numbers

Build the fucking god damn border wall now!

Three Whistleblowers Have Exposed Crimes of the Clinton Foundation

Maybe if we had a real justice system in America, they'd be held accountable for their crimes.

John Kelly Out as Chief of Staff

Not a surprise as this was rumored for awhile.

Trump Nominates William Barr as New Attorney General

I guess he can't be any worse than Jeff Sessions.

9th Circuit Court Blocks Trump’s Asylum Ban

In America, we have Jewish courts declaring that the President is not allowed to secure our borders.

Caravan Invader Hops Border and Shits Out Anchor Baby

This is biological warfare against the White race.