Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trump’s New Wall Infrastructure is Stopping llegal Entries

The orange man deserves some credit for this.

Dumbass Goof John Kasich Calls for Orange Man’s Impeachment

I guess this fool will be making non-stop appearances on CNN now.

Tulsi Gabbard Said to Be a Russian Agent and a White Supremacist

David Duke said nice things about Tulsi so she must be a Russian agent and a Neo-Nazi.

Trump Supporters Chant “Bring Them Home” at Dallas Trump Rally

The people voted for Trump in 2016 largely because they're sick of all these retarded endless wars for Jews and Israel.

Maddog Mattis Talks Mad Shit About the Orange Man

This tranny-loving maddog should be put down.

Hillary Clinton Claims Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian Agent

Anybody who is remotely anti-establishment is being framed as a Russian agent or a potential Russian agent.

Dumb Nigger Elijah Cummings is Dead

I am glad that this nigger is dead.

Christopher Columbus Statues Vandalized in CA/RI

Another attack on White history and White identity.

CNN Insider Exposes Jew Jeff Zucker’s Hate of Trump

Jeff Zucker is a very hateful kike.

Badge Nigger Kills Nigger Inside Her House for No Reason

These badge niggers are getting really stupid.