Jim Acosta a sad man who has dedicated his entire life to serving Jews and sucking Jew cock, badgered Sarah Sanders at today’s White House press briefing. He was whining about how Donald Trump called the fake news press the enemy of the people. Acosta was demanding Sanders to specifically declare that the press wasn’t an enemy of the people.

But here’s the problem Jim, the press is largely run by Jews and all you do is lie and spread untruthful anti-American propaganda. So that makes the Jewish press an enemy of the people. You yourself are a willing servant of the Jewish press because you work for CNN which is run by subversive Jews.

The vast majority of the corporate media is absolutely run by Jews at the upper management level and feature a large number of Jewish commentators, writers and opinion makers. I did a full length article over at the Daily Stormer documenting just how Jewish the current media is.

So there’s your answer Jim. Do you not like that answer?

If you don’t, I’ll refer you to Trump who agrees with my analysis. “Fake news” is synonymous with “Jewish news” and that is definitely the enemy of the people!

Talk about an obnoxious faggot. Cry us a river Jimmy!