Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sanctuary State Signs Appear on California Highways

This is a pretty good troll.

Jeff Flake Delivers Insane Anti-Trump Speech

Jeff Flake is a Communist with an "R" next to his name.

Maxine Waters Delivers Hilariously Insane SOTU Response

She said that there should be a warning issued whenever Trump appears on television.

CNN and MSNBC Promoted Anti-Trump Rallies Held by Russians

CNN and MSNBC are working for Russians and need to be shut down.

Trump’s Plans for a Military Parade Criticized for Logistics and Costs

Costs and logistics have never been concerns when the military has been bombing the Middle East to benefit Israel.

Revised NAFTA Deal Might Be Completed Soon

Hopefully some big changes are made. NAFTA has been a disaster for America.

John Kerry Engages in Shadow Negotiations with Iran

He should be arrested for violating the Logan Act.

DOJ IG Report on Hillary Email Fiasco Slated for June 14th Release

About fucking time they released this report!

DNC Head Declares Ocasio-Cortez the Future of the Party

The Democrat party is now officially the Communist party.

Trump Hits 50 Percent Approval in New Poll

A solid achievement considering all the anti-Trump lies and propaganda put out by evil Jews.