Saturday, March 28, 2020

Erica Garner Can No Longer Breathe and is Dead

She can't breathe! She's dead! lol

Hoax Missile Alert Causes Chaos in Hawaii

Am I a bad person for laughing at this?

House Intel Committee Votes to Release FISA Memo

The kike Adam Schiff has shit his pants over this!

Florida Senate Votes to Arm Teachers – Rejects AR-15 Ban

lol what do you think about this Emma? You butt hurt yet?

Immigrants Will Be Required to Give Social Media Info for Visa

It's a gimmick, but a useful gimmick.

Trump Imposes Tariffs on Canada, Mexico and EU

About time that we see some moves made to protect American jobs.

Feds Clear Out Disgusting Vermin from Portland ICE Building

How much money are the Jews paying for these retarded protests?

4.1 Percent GDP Growth Under Trump

Trump is doing an excellent job on the economy.