Thursday, June 27, 2019

Anti-Trump Book Author Can’t Confirm if What He Wrote is True

Who the hell writes a book without knowing if what they wrote is true?

Fake News Kikes Accuse Trump of Multiple Affairs

These kikes are just making shit up.

Insane McCain Wants DACA Amnesty and No Wall

I would like to see John McCain die as soon as possible.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Defends 2nd Amendment From Jews at CPAC

Nearly everybody LaPierre exposed as being against the Second Amendment were Jews.

Student Attacked by Mob for Waving Trump Flag

It was most likely low IQ Somalis responsible for this hateful attack.

Nikki Haley Threatens America With a Chemical Weapons Attack

This Zionist street shitting bitch is insane.

Reports Say FBI Planted Informant Inside Trump Campaign

This conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against Trump is becoming so obvious you'd have to be a total fool not to recognize it.

Anti-Trump Traitor Peter Strzok Escorted Out of the FBI Building

Unbelievably Strzok still hasn't been officially fired yet.

Moslem Terror Threats Increasing in America

This is why we need to deport all Moslems. Papers or no papers they all have to go.

California Wildfire is Biggest in State History

The apocalypse has come to California.