Saturday, February 16, 2019

Drunk Man Found With Weapons Arsenal in Houston Hotel Room

Attempted copycat of Vegas during New Year's Eve celebrations?

Congressapes to Boycott Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Why did the people elect these apes to public office?

75 Percent Approve of Trump’s SOTU Speech

The speech appealed to the normies.

Mormon Goof Mitt Romney Announces Utah Senate Run

Mitt the Mormon Romney much to the delight of Jews is re-entering politics.

Justice Department Sues California Over Sanctuary State Policies

This is the right move by Sessions. California is interfering in matters that are reserved for the feds to handle.

Migrant Caravan Army Says They Won’t Invade America

I don't think I believe these assholes but we'll see what happens.

Charlottesville: White Man Convicted for Self Defense Against Nigger Terrorist

If you are White, don't expect to receive justice in America.

Media Freaks Out Because Trump Says He Can Pardon Himself

How is this even remotely controversial?

Trump to Nominate Racist Nazi to Supreme Court on July 9th

Whoever Trump picks will be labeled a Nazi.

Trump Doubles Down on Border Security Demands

If shutting down the government is needed to get the wall built than so be it!