Monday, January 21, 2019

Mueller Calls Out Buzzfeed Report on Trump-Cohen as “Inaccurate”

Fake news from the Jewish media has gotten so crazy that even Bob Mueller is calling it out.

Trump to Make Announcement on Border and Shutdown Tomorrow

National emergency declaration coming? Guess we'll find out.

Senile Wench Pelosi Claims Trump Put Her Life in Danger

WTF is this bitch talking about?

President Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Foreign Trip

Huge payback for Pelosi's retarded State of the Union stunt.

Somalian Representative Bashes Lindsey Graham for Faggotry

Democrats are the real faggot haters!

Pelosi Wants State of the Union Postponed Over “Security Concerns”

The bitch won't fund border security but wants to shut down the State of the Union over security concerns.

Feminist Bitch Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Run for President

Bitch is owned by Wall Street Jews.

Military Deployment to Southern Border Extended

Keep them down there until the wall is built.

GOP Blocks Steve King from Committees for Alleged “Racism”

House GOP leadership is a joke.