Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump Promises Not to Build a Skyscraper in Greenland

At least Trump has a sense of humor.

White Male Arrested Because He Thought About Doing a Mass Shooting

Thought crimes and pre-crimes are real things in today's society.

Trump Accuses Google of Manipulating Millions of Votes in 2016

When you control the flow of information, you control the outcome of elections.

Trump Calls Out The NYT As “Evil Propaganda Machine”

It's an evil propaganda machine because it is run by Jews.

Trump Reportedly Wants to Buy Greenland

I see nothing wrong with this.

Major Clashes in Portland Between Anti-Fascists and Patriot Groups

The media is actually trying to downplay the violence that took place.

Over Two-Thirds of Americans Don’t Believe Epstein Suicide Narrative

The Epstein story represents another big blow to the credibility of the Jew media.

Leaked Google Document Reveals on News Blacklist

This was pretty much assumed but now confirmed.

Trump Moves to Restrict Legal Immigration??

Is this actually happening??