Pentagon Wants to Deploy Thousands of Troops to Agitate Iran

Yeah, let's send troops to fight Iran on behalf of Israel while America's border is wide open. Real smart!

Border Patrol Agent Charged With Crimes for Doing His Job

He called the invading migrant hordes a bunch of savages.

Trump Reportedly to Use Insurrection Act to Throw Out Invaders

Yeah sure. I'll believe this when I see it.

Vibrant Illegal Nigger Charged With Killing 12 Elderly Women

Now this is what a vibrant multicultural society is all about.

Trump to Dump Migrant Invaders in Broward County

About time the privileged Jews of Broward County get culturally enriched.

Alabama Legislature Passes Bill to Jail Abortion Doctors for Life

We may soon see Roe V. Wade get challenged.

Barr Assigns US Attorney to Investigate Russia Hoax

I'm pessimistic that anything real will come of this but we'll see.