Saturday, December 7, 2019

Southern Towns Cancel Christmas Parades After Antifa Threats

If people defended our right to freely assemble in Charlottesville back in 2017, this would not be happening.

Cops Kill Two Robbers and Two Innocents on Miami Highway

There should be some people fired over this but it is doubtful that will happen.

Border Wall Climber in Viral Video Was Quickly Arrested

Too much of a big deal is being made out of this.

Nancy Pelosi Announces That Impeachment Will Proceed

This retarded circus is going to ensure another four years for Trump.

Andrew Yang Sprays Whipped Cream Into People’s Mouths

Well this is pretty fucking weird.

Jews and Marxists Rage at all the “White” Presidential Candidates

The Democrat Party is literally the KKK.

Joe Biden’s Campaign Has No Enthusiasm Surrounding It

This creepy weirdo can barely draw a small crowd of old boomer people.

New Orleans: 11 Dead in Mass Shooting

Most likely another black on black mass shooting.