Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trump Says Florida Recount is Tainted by Fraud

Democracy is a joke.

Florida Election Recount is Underway

Democracy is a joke system.

Dumb Negress Refusing to Concede Georgia’s Governor Race

The Negress obviously doesn't understand how numbers work.

Jew-Run ACLU Sues to Block Trump’s Asylum Restrictions

Another example of Jewish subversion in our country.

Thousand Oaks Mass Shooter ID’d as Marine Combat Veteran

Lots of young men have been permanently damaged from fighting Jewish wars in the Middle East.

Trump Savages Fake News Assholes at Press Conference

The media is dishonest because it is run by Jews.

Jeff Sessions Fired as Attorney General

This was long overdue.

NBC and Fox News Refuses to Air “Racist” Trump Ad

This only means more people will watch it online.

Obama is on the Campaign Trail Ranting Incoherently

Go back to Kenya you evil black bastard.

Another Kavanaugh Accuser Criminally Referred to the DOJ

But womyns must be believed!