Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hearings Scheduled for Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser to Speak

This is going to be a total circus. We might even get to hear about pubic hair and coke cans again.

Trump Slashes “Refugee” Quota Again

Let the Jewish tears flow over this.

Trump Finally Calls Bob Mueller’s Probe Illegal

Damn right it is illegal. Bob Mueller is a traitor to America.

Niggers Loot Family Dollar Store After Hurricane Florence

This is all Trump's fault because he is racist and didn't do enough to help them.

Paul Manafort Strikes Plea Deal with Special Counsel

At least this sideshow is coming to an end.

Big Hurricane Hits East Coast of America!

This is real news folks!

FBI Coordinated Media Leaks to Harm Trump

The anti-Trump conspiracy continues to be exposed.

Trump Calls Out Hurricane Death Toll Hoax

This hoax is about as dumb as the alleged gassing of kikes in fake shower rooms.

Washington Post Says Trump is at Fault for Big Hurricane!

The Washington Post is run by some very stupid people.