Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Zionist Kikes Bulldoze Palestinian Homes in the West Bank

It's no wonder why people dislike these Jews.

“Slaughter the Jews” Painted in Arabic on Western Wall

I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing. Jews are such nice people.

Florida Sheriff Orders Investigation Into Epstein’s Work Release

The latest development in this saga surrounding this Jew Jeff Epstein.

Jew Jeff Epstein Denied Bail as Big Document Dump Expected

Looks like lots of prominent people are going to get exposed from this.

Jew Chuck Schumer Warns of “Troubling” Russian FaceApp Plot

Actually I'm more concerned about people uploading data to Facebook than FaceApp becauase Facebook is run by Jews.

Jew Schumer Supports Slavery Reparations Bill

I'd have no issue if Jews were made to pay niggers for slavery. Jews were big players in the slave trade.

Kellyanne Conway Asks Jewish Reporter His Ethnicity

She's being accused of anti-Semitism for asking a Jew their ethnicity.

Israeli Politician Ehud Barak Admits Visiting Epstein’s Sex Island

The situation surrounding this Jew Epstein keeps getting more and more interesting.

Jew David Rothschild Calls Out “White Man” Jeff Epstein

The "my fellow White people" scam doesn't work any more you stupid kikes.