Jew Fraudster Albert Einstein Exposed for Hating Chinks

The kike Einstein held racist views while claiming that racism was a disease of White people.

Jew Terrorist Ben Shapiro Fumes Over Trump-Kim Summit

This scheming kike is angry that we might finally have peace with North Korea.

Sadistic Jew Charles Krauthammer Announces He is Near Death

It's good to see that another horrible Jew is about to die.

Jews Now Falsely Claiming That Iran Did 9/11 Attacks

The Jews did 9/11 so why wouldn't they blame Iran for it.

Jew Chef and CNN Host Anthony Bourdain Kills Himself

Bourdain's suicide is a very good thing for the world.

Jew Mark Zuckerberg Lied to Congress About Data Collection

I honestly can't believe that the Jew who runs Facebook would lie to Congress.

NATO Chief Says They Won’t Defend Israel if Iran Attacks

Israel doesn't have many friends around the world.

Jew Reporter Uses 2014 Photo of Caged Migrant to Attack Trump

This lying Jewish bitch needs to be arrested and stuffed in a concentration camp.

Looks Like Elon Musk is Wise to the Jewish Problem

Wow, Elon Musk is more based than I thought!