Israel Reportedly Has Homosexual Blackmail Material on Lindsey Graham

The report claims that the Jews have material proving that Graham likes sucking on another man's ding-dong.

Germany: Israeli Gets Belt-Whipped by an Arab

Here we have Jews whining about the anti-Semitism of their own pets.

Israel is Increasingly in Fear of an Iranian Invasion

The Jews are running out of tricks and panic is setting in.

41 Percent of Millennials Don’t Think Six Million Jews Died in Holocaust

That's because the Holocaust is a big Jewish hoax..

Israeli Sniper Cheered After Shooting Motionless Palestinian

These are the same people who want us to invade Syria over unproven claims about gassed babies.

Jewish Lizard Mark Zuckerberg Testifies in Front of Congress

This performance certainly did not help Facebook in the public relations war.

Evil Jews Launch Missile Strikes Against Syria

The Jews have just attacked Syria in the name of human rights.