Monday, November 11, 2019

Jew Schiff Won’t Allow “Whistleblower” To Testify in Public

It doesn't get much more Jewish than this.

Jew Ben Shapiro Does Whole Speech About Nick Fuentes

And the sneaky kike still refuses to debate him.

Jack Posobiec Implies Jews Are Not Behind Porn Industry

What a liar. Jews have absolutely been behind the porn and smut industries.

Jew-Run ABC News Spiked Story on Jew Jeff Epstein Three Years Ago

More proof that you don't get real journalism from these Jewish media operations.

Project Veritas Confronts Jew Head CNN Jeff Zucker

Jews are not used to being questioned like this.

Israel Says They Didn’t Hack WhatsApp

The Israeli government is very trustworthy. They surely would not lie would they?

Zio-Shill Dan Crenshaw to Speak at Texas A&M on Nov 4th

This Zionist, Israel First shill wants people to prove him wrong.

World Jewish Congress Gives Angela Merkel Herzl Award

Merkel has served the interests of Jews over the interests of the German people her entire political career.