Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stephen Colbert Exposes Kike Family Behind Opioid Crisis

Yes, Jews are behind the opioid crisis just like pretty much everything else that's wrong with America.

Kike Feinstein Claims Kavanaugh Harassed Girl in High School!

The Jews and Communists in the Democrat Party are getting truly desperate.

“Operation Freeze Peach” Causes Many Jewish Tears

A solid effort exposing speech censorship by evil Jews.

Israeli Military Shoots Palestinian Teen with Hands Up

This gives new meaning to the phrase "hands up don't shoot."

Israel Secretly Armed and Funded 12 Syrian Rebel Groups

This was known for a long time but now they're just coming out and admitting it.

Kike Rapper Mac Miller is Dead and in Hell

The world is better off that he is dead.

Former Chief Rabbi Warns of Threat to Jews in the UK

Cry me a river you filthy kike. Take a one way trip to Israel and don't come back.

Jewish Faggot Pushes Boycott of In-N-Out Burger

Think of how much better our country would be without Jews ruining everything.