Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Graham Wants Trump to Recognize the Golan Heights as Part of Israel

This perpetual sucking of Jewish cock is getting tiring.

Pope Francis Says It’s Anti-Christian to Not Like Jews

Maybe he forgot that the Jews killed Jesus.

Trump Says Democrats are an Anti-Jewish Party

What are you saying Mr. President? That I should register as a Democrat?

Fat Cow Meghan McCain Cries About Ilhan Omar’s Israel Stance

This fat bitch like her father supports the interests of Israel over the interests of America.

Poland Threatens to Dig Up Jew Holocaust Site

The Jews brought this on themselves.

Blacks Upset at Lack of Blacks Among Jew-Run CNN’s Leadership

This is because the Jews at CNN hate niggers.

Ilhan Omar Questions Israeli Lobby Again

This bulbheaded Somali warrior is causing all sorts of problems for the Jews.