Seven States Sue to End DACA Program

Just kick these anchor babies out of the country already. I don't give a fuck about them.

Caravan of Invaders Sets Up Camp On US-Mexico Border

If America is such a racist country then why the fuck do these savages keep wanting to come here?

Caravan of Beaner Monkeys Arrives on US-Mexico Border

These invaders should be shot and gassed if needed. If the Jews can do this, why can't we?

House Intel Report Says No Trump-Russia Collusion

Wow, so shocking. We've only known about this for the past few years.

Baltimore Mayor Thinks Closing Shops Early Will Stop Black Violence

The only solution to end the violence is to remove the blacks.

Federal Judge Says DACA Must Be Reinstated

These federal judges need to be impeached.

George H.W. Bush Hospitalized

Look like old man Bush is getting ready to meet his wife Barbara in hell.

Migrant Caravan Approaches US-Mexico Border

A drone strike should be ordered if necessary.