Friday, March 22, 2019

75 Percent Approve of Trump’s SOTU Speech

The speech appealed to the normies.

Rocky Dennis Delivers Official Democrat SOTU Response

A rabid looking Rocky Dennis delivered the Democrat response to Trump!

House Intel Committee Votes to Release FISA Memo

The kike Adam Schiff has shit his pants over this!

Evil Crook Andrew McCabe Steps Down From FBI

This is fantastic news.

Anger at Nancy Pelosi for “Make America White Again” Comments

The Democrats are going insane over Trump's immigration proposal.

Evil Bitch Hillary Clinton Thanks “Activist Bitches”

Can we please put this evil bitch in jail? I'm sick of seeing her ugly wrinkled face.

Trump’s Base Angry at His Immigration Proposal

I can see why people are angry, but this move gives the President the ability to blame the Democrats when DACA protections expire.

Hillary Clinton Refused to Fire Sexual Molester

It is a known fact that the feminist Hillary Clinton supports the sexual abuse of women.

Trump Says Report About Him Trying to Fire Mueller is Fake News

This is another non news story being blown up into a big thing by lying Jews.

New FBI Texts Prove Clinton Email Investigation Was Fixed

Imagine what will be revealed when all of this is fully investigated.