Kenya Bans Man on Man Asshole Fucking

Kenya is doing the civilized and proper thing here.

Evil Hag Theresa May Cries and Resigns Her Office

Good riddance to this miserable bitch. May she die and spend eternity in hell.

Syria’s Assad Accused of Gassing His Own People Again

These Jews really like promoting hoaxes about their enemies gassing people.

Germany Spent $25 Billion on Invading Migrant Scum in 2018

And that cunt Angela Merkel said these savages were going to pay for pensions.

Trump Vows to End Iran if They Threaten America Again

If you want to do war with Iran for Israel just fucking do it already.

Pastor Cons 50,000 Ugandans Into Drinking Bleach

Blacks are not very smart are they.

Trump Reportedly Unsettled Over Bolton/Pompeo Push to do Iran War

What the hell did he expect when he hired these deranged neocons?