Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hong Kong Rioters Set Man on Fire for Opposing ZOG Democracy

If you don't support ZOG democracy and gay anal sex, the Hong Kong rioters will set you on fire.

Germany Tells America to Reject Nationalism

A retarded stance. Without nationalism you have no nation.

Hong Kong: Idiot Who Fell Off Garage Roof Called a “Martyr”

The war to bring Jewish democracy and gay anal sex to China continues.

Italy to Brainwash Children With Climate Change Propaganda

They want to brainwash children into think we are all going to die from unproven climate apocalypse bullshit.

American Family Slaughtered by Mexican Drug Cartels in Mexico

The orange man should order the military to destroy these cartels over this.

Greg Johnson Arrested in Norway for Plotting Violent Revolution

He was apparently plotting to overthrow Norway's government.

CIA-Backed Terrorism in Hong Kong Continues

Malls are being vandalized and people are getting slashed with knifes in the name of freedom, democracy and gay anal sex.

German City Claims it Has a “Nazi Problem”

No, Germany has a Jewish problem.

UK To Have Election After Brexit Blocked Again

The Brexit fiasco is the fiasco that never seems to end.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghan Wars are Plagued With Cancer

A small price to pay for defending our greatest ally in the Middle East.