German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial

If shower room gas chambers were real, why is it illegal to question them?

Garbage Avalanche Kills 17 in Mozambique

This is Africa.

Germany: Anti-Fascist Terrorists Disrupt AfD’s Women’s March in Berlin

More chicanery from the Jew controlled anti-fascist terrorists.

Ex-CIA Operative Says America Has Long Meddled in Foreign Elections

It's OK for the United States to meddle in foreign elections because they're the good guys!

Brazil: Military Takes Over Security in Rio de Janeiro

This is what you get with multiculturalism.

Jacob Zuma Resigns as South African President

Shocking that a nigger politician would be forced to resign due to corruption.

Iran Claims Jews Used Lizards to Spy on Them

Jews are closely aligned with lizards.

Italy: Police Club Anti-Fascists Like a Baby Seal

Anti-fascists are foot soldiers for the Jewish Communist establishment. It is good to see them getting their heads beat in.

Italian Shooter Targeting Africans Met as Hero in Prison

Fascism is rising in Italy.


Trump’s CPAC Speech