Trump Blocks New Sanctions Against Russia

Nikki Haley seems to have gotten ahead of herself with this one.

Syrians Rally in Damascus to Support Bashar Al-Assad

The Syrian people are firmly behind Assad.

Trump Declares “Mission Accomplished” After Syria Strikes

Guess we have a third term of George W. Bush.

Trump Orders Military Action Against Syria for Jews and Israel

Wow, so World War III might actually break out over a baby gassing hoax pushed by Jews.

Armada of American Warships Heading Toward the Middle East

Hopefully they are on their way to destroy Israel for their human rights violations.

Russia Flat Out Says Syrian Chemical Attack Was Staged

Once again, there's no proof to indicate that Bashar Al-Assad gassed babies.

War Criminal Tony Blair Demands Invasion of Syria

Why isn't this war criminal rotting away in a jail cell somewhere?

Trump Posts Bizarre Tweets About Syria and Russia

It's anybody's best guess as to what's going to happen next.

UN Can’t Confirm Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

This is the dumbest hoax imaginable.