Tuesday, November 13, 2018

African Honors Dead World War I Soldiers

Didn't realize that millions of Negroes died in the trench warfare of World War I.

Macron Rips Nationalism at WWI Commemoration

Looks like Macron is becoming the new Merkel.

France is Trying to Ban the Largest French Anti-Jew Website

France is trying to shut down what is effectively the French's version of the Daily Stormer.

Macron Calls for European Army

This guy is also a granny fucker.

Trump Bans Caravan Invaders From Requesting Asylum

This should help crack down on these bogus asylum claims from these invaders

Bolsonaro To Move Against Brazil’s Fake News Media

Most journalists deserve to be rounded up and put in concentration camps.

Mexico Offered Bus Services to Caravan Invaders

Why the fuck isn't the Mexican government just arresting them?

America Calls for an End to the War in Yemen

This is long overdue.

Merkel Gives Prize to Jew Charity for Resettling Invaders in Germany

This bitch conspired with Jews to flood Germany with monkey filth and is giving the Jews an "integration" award.