US Destroys Iranian Drone

So we are back to this shit again?

Ebola Spreads to Major City in the Congo

Let ebola do its magic. Africa is over populated with too many niggers.

Trump Orders End to Asylum Claims for Central Americans at Border

A solid move but it will probably get challenged in the courts.

Finnish Study Concludes That Man-Made Climate Change is a Hoax

Show this study to the people who say the science is settled on this retarded hoax.

Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison

He might be a Zionist shill but this prison sentence is absurd.

Veterans Say the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Have Been a Waste

These wars were for the best interests of Israel and not America.

RT and Sputnik Banned from Media Freedom Conference

Wow, a media freedom conference that doesn't believe in media freedom.

Iran Apparently Failed to Seize a British Oil Tanker

The Iranians are denying the report.

Trump Vows to Further Increase Sanctions on Iran

Just how many more sanctions can they place against them? This antagonism is crazy.