Wednesday, September 19, 2018

EU Punishes Hungary Over “Values”

WTF does the term "values" even mean these days?

EU Passes Anti-Meme Law

This one is difficult to comprehend.

ZOG Claims Assad is Preparing to Gas His Own People Again!

They're pushing this retarded hoax narrative again!

Sand Nigger Goes on Enriching Stabbing Spree in Paris

Multiculturalism is a great thing.

Sweden Democrats Make Gains in Election

Unfortunately they only received close to 18 percent of the vote.

Sweden’s Election is Tomorrow

If you are Swedish, get out and vote for one of the anti-invasion parties.

Facebook Deletes Posts from Russian Politician on Donetsk Leader’s Killing

Very weird that Facebook would be censoring Russian posts about this.

Brazil’s “Trump” Candidate Stabbed by Subhuman Ape

Another example of political violence from the Communist left.

German Government Begins Surveillance of AfD

And they say Germany is a free country! lol