Thursday, December 13, 2018

France: Christmas Market Shot Up in Strasbourg

A Moslem most likely did this.

150+ Nations Sign on to Insane Global Migration Pact

This pact promotes White genocide.

Macron Declares War Against the French People

Fuck this treasonous son of a bitch asshole. He needs to be overthrown.

Theresa May Postpones Brexit Vote

Democracy is garbage.

Treasonous Granny Fucker Macron to Deliver Speech

Let this be a lesson. Don't trust any man who fucks a granny.

UKIP Holds “Brexit Betrayal” March in London

Democracy is a shit form of government.

China Warns of “Consequences” if Huwaei CFO Not Released

This episode shows once again that Trump does not have control over the federal government.

South Africa to Seize White Farmland in March 2019

Dumb niggers won't have anything to eat if they do this.

Belgium “Yellow Vest” Protests Were Pretty Intense!

People are rising up against Jewish globalism.