Monday, January 21, 2019

Second Trump-Kim Summit Scheduled for Late February

Hopefully more progress is made during this second summit.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on US Troops in Syria

Queue the kikes demanding Trump keep troops in Syria for 6,000,000 more years.

Theresa May Barely Survives No Confidence Vote

What a disgrace. There needs to be a revolution in the UK.

UK: Theresa May’s Hoax Brexit Plan Soundly Defeated

The Brexit cluster fuck continues.

China Gives Already Sentenced Canadian Drug Smuggler the Death Penalty

Can't blame the Chinese for doing this considering what Canada did to Huawei's CFO.

Polish Patriot Kills Traitor Leftist Mayor

A man took out his revenge on a traitor to the Polish people.

Jew Carl Bernstein Claims Trump Destabilized America for Putin

When will this Russia hoax end???

France: 80,000 Police Deployed to Deal with “Yellow Vest” Protests

Ninth straight weekend of these protests. They're not going away anytime soon.