Tuesday, November 12, 2019

HA HA: Remains of ISIS Leader’s Body Thrown Into the Sea!

The story is 100 percent real though! lol

New ISIS Leader is Really Really Scary Looking

Straight out of CIA/Mossad central casting!

China Allegedly Harvesting Organs From Live Prisoners

Seems like this is being pushed again to advance the anti-China narrative.

Iraq’s Free and Open Democracy is Not so Free and Democratic

The Iraqi people are not happy with their democratic freedoms.

Orange Man Says ISIS Leader Killed After Daring Military Raid

I have no idea if this even happened.

Maria Butina Deported Back to Russia

She was a victim of the tyrannical United States government.

US Troops Sent to Eastern Syria to Guard Oil Fields

What happened to a total withdrawal from Syria orange man?

Iraq is Mad That US Troops Entered Iraq Without Authorization

They're going to complain to the UN about it lol.