Pompeo Cancels Moscow Trip to Warn Europe of Iranian Threat

I really dislike this evil piece of shit.

UK: Brexit Party Poised to Win Majority in European Elections

Not looking good for the British political establishment.

Trump Deploys More Military Assets to Harass Iran

It's self defense against Iranian aggression!

Trump Increases Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Finally, Trump does something that was a part of the MAGA agenda.

US Seizes Large North Korean Merchant Ship

Guess we are just going to do war with Venezuela, Iran and North Korea simultaneously

United States Cuts Power to Venezuela’s Embassy

So much for international law.

CNN Falsely Claims Venezuela’s Fake President Won an Election

CNN publishes non-stop fake news but manages not to be banned off of social media.

North Korea Test Firing Short Range Missiles Again

Can't blame Kim. He wants to avoid the Gaddafi treatment.

Afghan Pilot Training Ends After Almost Half go AWOL in America

This was a retarded idea to begin with.