Sunday, February 17, 2019

BBC Producer Says Assad Gas Attack Footage Was a Hoax

No shit this was a hoax. We said it was when it happened.

Iran Promises to Destroy Israeli Cities if Attacked by America

If that's a promise, than maybe invading Iran isn't such a bad idea.

Huge “Yellow Vest” Type Rally Held in Spain

Another "Yellow Vest" type situation brewing?

Hungary Gives Financial Incentives for Women to Have Children

This type of thing is long overdue. We need similar programs throughout the West.

Venezuela’s Fake President May Authorize US Invasion

This is insane. The stage is being set for an American invasion.

France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After “Yellow Vest” Meeting

It is good to see Italy's populist government support the populist movement in France.

France: “Yellow Vest” Protests Enter Third Month

Macron is still gassing and shooting his own people.

CNN Blames Russia for US Coup Attempt in Venezuela

The Jews want to blame Russia for everything. It's utterly insane.