Saturday, March 28, 2020

Boris Johnson Tests Positve for Chink Virus

He must have had a bad dish of bat soup.

Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Good. Hopefully he dies like all these other celebrities who have allegedly caught it.

India Locks Down Entire Country

1 billion people placed on lockdown.

UK Announces Police State Lockdown of Country

Some pretty draconian measures rolled out.

Iran Says Coronavirus is Probably a US Bioweapon

Iran's view on this is probably true.

Australia Shuts Down Due to COVID-19

Another country shuts down.

Britain Tells Hoarders to Stop Hoarding

lol good luck with that.

Blaming China for the COVID-19 Crisis is Retarded

This is such a stupid talking point.

Global Coronavirus Deaths Reach 11,000

That's not a very high number.

UK Shuts Down Due to COVID-19

There is no escape.