Thursday, June 27, 2019

Russia Navy Vessel Docks in Cuba

This is no doubt in response to America's aggressive foreign policy approach towards Iran.

Trump Rolls Out More Sanctions Against Iran

Pretty dumb policy, but better than a military strike.

Kim Receives “Excellent” Letter From Donald Trump

Are we back on track with North Korea?

America Launched Cyberattacks Against Iran

Do we have to keep antagonizing the Iranians?

Iranian Hackers Allegedly Threatening US Computers

A very grave threat to national security no doubt.

Iran Shoots Down an American UAV

This is not good at all.

Man Jailed for Sharing Video of Brenton Tarrant’s Mosque Visit

And they say New Zealand is a free country. lol

Pentagon Claims New Pictures Prove Iran Attacked Oil Tankers

Fuck off with this shit. This is retarded.