Saturday, December 5, 2020

UK: 155 Anti-Lockdown Protesters Arrested Including Santa

Not even Santa Claus is exempt from the wrath of the global virus regime.

UK: 1,300 Recieve False Positive Coronavirus Results

The coronavirus testing regime is a hoax within the larger coronavirus hoax.

New Zealand: Horseface Prepares to Declare Climate Emergency

They're going to use the coronavirus hoax and the climate change hoax simultaneously.

Toronto: Police Shutdown BBQ Joint for Violating Virus Protocols

They sent almost 100 cops to close this one BBQ joint.

Scotland Gives Women Free Products for Their Pussies

Just WTF is going on with this??

Australian Airline to Require Passengers Get Coronavirus Vaccine

This is how they're going to make people take the vaccine.

Putin Refuses to Recognize Alleged Biden Victory

Vladimir Putin is a great American.

Ontario Announces 28-Day Lockdown

These lockdowns are never going to end until we end them.