Saturday, December 7, 2019

House Passes Bill Supporting Islamic Terrorists in China

This is totally stupid and unnecessary. Who gives a shit what China does to these Moslems?

21 Dead in Mexican Cartel Shootout Near US Border

This obviously means we need to send more troops to the Middle East.

Hong Kong Terrorists Hold Photos of Trump as Rocky Balboa

Looks like the CIA is trying to play to Trump's ego.

The Londonistan Stabbing Reveals Clown World in Full Force

There was all sorts of weird shit surrounding this event.

Greta Thunberg’s Retarded Climate Protests Are Continuing

These people are literal cultists.

Iraqi PM Resigns After Mass Civil Unrest

What Iraq needs to fix this problem is more democracy.

Mass Stabbings Hit London and The Hague

Islam is a peaceful religion so this couldn't have possibly been done by Moslems.

Iraqis Burn Down an Iranian Consulate Building

Democracy isn't doing so well in Iraq.

Ebola Response Workers Killed by Wild Niggers in the Congo

Why are people still trying to save these niggers?

North Korea Fires More Short Range Missiles

The United States has maintained a totally unreasonable position in these negotiations.