Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hong Kong Rioters Now Wearing Gay Masks and Burning Shit Down

I'm really sick of this gay Hong Kong shit.

Troops in Syria Relocated to Iraq

Why not just bring them home?

British Parliament Passes “Emergency” Bill to Block Brexit

And people actually think democracy works? This nonsense certainly proves otherwise.

Orange Man Imposes Sanctions on Turkey

All that matters is that American forces are out of Syria.

ABC News Broadcasts Fake Turkey Atrocity Video

Wow shocking. More fake news from Jews.

Xi Jinping Promises to Crush Bodies and Shatter Bones

Words of wisdom from China's leader.

US Troops Leave Syria as Turkish Invasion Continues

Let the Kurds fight their own battles.

Failstreaming Synagogue Shooter Killed Two Germans

What an absolute cluster fuck this was.

3,000 More American Troops Getting Deployed to Saudi Arabia

I thought the orange man said American involvement in Middle East wars was stupid?