Monday, March 8, 2021

German Experts Concerned About Children’s Mental Health

The lockdowns have been a disaster on a global scale.

Myanmar: Riots in Favor of Jewish Democracy Continue

The Jew machine is coming for Myanmar.

World Economic Forum Says Lockdowns Improving Cities

Sounds like satire but they actually said this.

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria

More specifically the Jews who control Joe Biden ordered the strikes.

UN Secretary General Says White Supremacy is a Global Threat

WTF is this fool even talking about here?

UK Home Office: “All Gatherings Are Against the Law”

The UK is a dystopic nightmare.

Israeli 2020 Death Numbers Prove Coronavirus a Hoax

As if we needed additional proof.

War Criminal Tony Blair Demands COVID Vaccine Passports

This lunatic does not care about your health.

Biden Threatens Nigeria With Sanctions Over LGBTQ Rights

The global anal agenda continues.