Sunday, April 21, 2019

France: Video Shows Evidence of Arson at Notre Dame Cathedral

It would not be a surprise if a Moslem did this. They seem quite happy that this building was set on fire.

Ecuador Sends Riot Police to Crush Pro-Assange Rally

The President of Ecuador is a ZOG puppet.

Fox News Censors Idea That Moslems Burned Down Notre Dame

The message is simple. Moslems are bad in their own lands but good in our lands.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Engulfed in Flames

This is a metaphor for Western civilization.

Ecuador Invents Reasons Why Assange Was Removed From Embassy

Skateboarding and shit on the walls are among the excuses.

Trump Seems to be Prepping Invasion of Iran to Benefit Israel

The Jew-run media is getting people ready for this potential reality.

350 Migrant Invaders Break Through Mexico’s Southern Border

Contrary to what P:resident Blurmf has said, Mexico is not adequately dealing with this problem.

IMF Gives $4.2 Billion to Ecuador After Assange’s Arrest

Wow, what a weird coincidence this is!