Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Angela Merkel Admits Germany Has “No-Go Areas”

This stupid bitch has destroyed Germany.

South Africa: Jacob Zuma on Trial for Corruption

He's guilty because he's black.

Man Sentenced to Prison for Possessing Hitler-Branded Wine

These retarded thought crimes laws need to be immediately overturned.

Merkel and Macron Whine About Trump Following G7

What a bunch of cry babies.

Low Energy Anti-Trump Protests Held in Shithole of London

This is why London is a shithole.

Mexico: 2,599 Murder Investigations Opened in July

And the Democrats say we don't need a wall because it would be mean spirited.

Trump Told Spain to Build a Wall Across the Sahara Desert

Sounds like a pretty good idea.

UK: Angry White Man Tells Negro Invader “You Don’t Belong Here”

We need to get these monkeys out of our countries.

New Flood of Migrant Invaders Heading to Tijuana

Prepare for some real brown on brown violence!

South Africa to Seize White Farmland in March 2019

Dumb niggers won't have anything to eat if they do this.