Monday, March 8, 2021

Germany Begins Enforcement Of New Online “Hate Speech” Law

Germany could be one of the most tyrannical governments on the planet.

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency Over Widespread Nigger Death

Jamaica would be a fine place to visit if it weren't for the Black race.

Italy: Populist and Right Wing Parties Surge in Election

This is a good result. The Italian people have had enough of the nigger plague.

Trump Posts Bizarre Tweets About Syria and Russia

It's anybody's best guess as to what's going to happen next.

Nicolas Maduro Wins Re-Election in Venezuela

Venezuela is a shithole country where many people are having trouble affording food to eat.

Spain Accepts Boat of Monkey Invaders Rejected by Italy

Europe is still being drowned with infinite numbers of niggers.

Israel Reportedly Evacuates White Helmets Out of Syria

The White Helmets were always terrorists and propagandists posing as humanitarians for cover.

Russians Accused of Meddling in American Vaccine Debates

This anti-Russian hysteria by the Jews really needs to stop.

Faith Goldy Escorted from Toronto Mayoral Debate by Nigger Cops

This is what democracy looks like!

More Caravans on Their Way to Invade America

This is an invasion of America that must be stopped.