Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mexico: 133 Politicians Murdered as Election Looms

This is why we need the border wall.

North Korea Delivers Remains of American Soldiers

And the lying Jew media still thinks talking to North Korea was a mistake.

UN Urges Facebook to Fight “Hate Speech”

The UN is a totally useless institution.

Right-Wing Presidential Candidate Wins Big in Brazil’s Election

The Jews can't stop the rise of nationalism and populism.

Trump Bans Caravan Invaders From Requesting Asylum

This should help crack down on these bogus asylum claims from these invaders

Russia Opens Fire on Ukrainian Navy Ships

Looks like a provocative action against Russia.

China Detains Two Canadians After Huawei Row

Serves the Canadians right.

John Bolton Says Syria Withdrawal is Conditional

I really wish Trump didn't hire this warmongering asshole.

France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After “Yellow Vest” Meeting

It is good to see Italy's populist government support the populist movement in France.

Aussie Senator Blames Moslems for Christchurch Shooting

He's not wrong. The Moslems brought it on themselves.