Saturday, December 7, 2019

Winter Olympics Receives Extremely Poor Television Ratings

I almost forgot that the Olympics were even happening.

Trudeau to Apologize for Canada Not Saving Jews From Nazis

Why apologize for one of the few things Canada should be proud of?

Trump Calls for Russia to be Reinstated to the G7

Russia should absolutely have a seat at the table.

Trump Preps Another $200 Billion in Tariffs on China

The more tariffs on China the better.

Saudis Used American Bomb That Killed Bus Full of Kids in Yemen

A bit surprised that CNN would expose this inconvenient fact.

EU Punishes Hungary Over “Values”

WTF does the term "values" even mean these days?

DOJ Charges Russian Woman for Waging “Information Warfare”

Great, so when is the DOJ going to go after the Israelis for their Internet postings?

France: Macron’s Approval Drops to 25 Percent

The French people are not happy with this Jewish puppet.

France: 153 High School Students Arrested for Protesting Macron

This is not a good look for Macron and his corrupt government.