Sunday, April 21, 2019

Mexico: Woman Dismembered and Cooked in Stove

Building a border wall would be racist though.

Russia Flat Out Says Syrian Chemical Attack Was Staged

Once again, there's no proof to indicate that Bashar Al-Assad gassed babies.

Pope Reportedly Tells Faggot God Made Him That Way

The Pope is now claiming that god endorses man on man anal sex.

Mexican Presidential Candidate Calls for Invasion of America

Millions of bean monkeys might be heading our way soon.

Trump Threatens Iran in All-CAPS Tweet

Extreme rhetoric appears to be Trump's way of getting his adversaries to the negotiating table.

South Africa: ANC Withdraws Land Seizure Bill

Looks like this is just a delay tactic. These Communist niggers have every intention of seizing the land of White farmers.

Erdogan Opens Large Mosque in Cologne, Germany

Germany is being colonized by sand nigger rapists.

America Calls for an End to the War in Yemen

This is long overdue.