Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Indians Riot Over Film Depicting Moslem-Hindu Romance

Whites should react this way when Jews release films showing a White female with a nigger.

Trump Agrees to Meet Kim Jong Un

Good news on the foreign policy front. Nobody wants a war between the Koreas.

Trump Orders Military Action Against Syria for Jews and Israel

Wow, so World War III might actually break out over a baby gassing hoax pushed by Jews.

Syrian Army Clears Last ISIS Holdout in Damascus

Another victory for the Syrian people and another defeat for the Jews.

Italy Tells Traffickers That Their Ports Are Closed

It's good to see that Italy has taken a definite stand against this insane African invasion.

Russians Alleged to Have Hacked Electrical Closets

This is Vladimir Putin's fault.

Boat Full of African Niggers Invade Spanish Beach Again

Where the fuck is Spain's coast guard? The country is being invaded by niggers!

Emmanuel Macron is the Realist Muthaphuckkin G

Macron is an even realer G than Easy E!

Mexico Offered Bus Services to Caravan Invaders

Why the fuck isn't the Mexican government just arresting them?

EU Agrees to Hoax Brexit Deal

The EU was more than happy to approve this shit deal.