Thursday, June 27, 2019

Trump Agrees with EU to Work Towards Zero Tariffs

This is a major victory for Trump's trade policies.

Pastor Cons 50,000 Ugandans Into Drinking Bleach

Blacks are not very smart are they.

Italy’s Coalition Government Blocked by the President

Democracy is such a hoax. Italy needs to bring Mussolini back from the dead.

WaPo Pushes Lies to Sabotage North Korea Peace Talks

Another fake news story citing anonymous sources.

Brazil: New Poll Shows Bolsonaro Poised to Win Presidency

Jewish globalism is rapidly failing all around the planet.

Germany: Anti-Fascist Terrorists Disrupt AfD’s Women’s March in Berlin

More chicanery from the Jew controlled anti-fascist terrorists.

White South African Farmers Continue Exodus to Australia

Forcing White farmers off their land will only result in South Africa no longer having food to eat.

Danish Public Broadcaster Told to Stress Nation’s Christian Heritage

This is one step away from blood and soil nationalism.

Ebola Doctor Shot Dead in Congo

We need to let as many Africans die of Ebola as possible.