Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hijab Attack Condemned By Canada’s Prime Minister Was A Hoax

This hoax caused tears to flow down Justin Trudeau's face!

Right-Wing Presidential Candidate Wins Big in Brazil’s Election

The Jews can't stop the rise of nationalism and populism.

Russia Expels British Diplomats

The Jews are pushing for a war between the West and Russia over this alleged nerve agent nonsense.

Tijuana’s Mayor Says Caravan Invaders Not Welcome

Tijuana's mayor is a White supremacist and a Neo-Nazi.

New Flood of Migrant Invaders Heading to Tijuana

Prepare for some real brown on brown violence!

America Calls for an End to the War in Yemen

This is long overdue.

Trump Steps Up Support for Jewish Revolution in Iran

Trump's support of this is creating a very dangerous situation.

Man Sentenced to Prison for Possessing Hitler-Branded Wine

These retarded thought crimes laws need to be immediately overturned.

Sadiq Khan Demands British Apologize for Amritsar, India Deaths

Sadiq Khan is not your friend. He is an Islamic terrorist.

UK: Manufactured Scandals Target Boris Johnson

They're trying to force him out for actually trying to implement Brexit.