Sunday, April 21, 2019

New Star Wars Bombs in China Due to Asian-Nigger Race Mixing

Turns out the Chinese don't like seeing their people fucked by niggers.

Communists Riot in Paris During May Day Demonstrations

There's nothing trendy or cool about this you faggots.

Haiti Descends Into Chaos

Who could predict that this would happen to a country filled with blacks?

Blormf Blames Shithole Countries for His Failure to Stop Invasion

Yeah, it is the fault of shithole countries because you can't stop the invasion.

France is Trying to Ban the Largest French Anti-Jew Website

France is trying to shut down what is effectively the French's version of the Daily Stormer.

150+ Nations Sign on to Insane Global Migration Pact

This pact promotes White genocide.

South Africa May Amend Constitution to Steal White Farm Land

If you think racial diversity is so wonderful, look at how the minority White population is being treated in South Africa.

Trump asks Europe to Take Their ISIS Fighters

Europe has a real Moslem problem.

Italian of Nigger Descent Tries to Burn 51 Children Alive in a Bus

Just think how boring Italy would be without niggers.