Saturday, December 15, 2018

Nigerian Dies After Wakandan Force Field Technology Fails

A recall of these units is definitely in order.

White Genocide in South Africa is Now Mainstream News

All of us helped make this happen.

Palestinians Rise Up Against the Zionists After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

Hatred of the Zionists has been reignited across the Middle East.

UK: Islamic Terror Plot to Assassinate Theresa May Reportedly Foiled

Maybe if Theresa was more tolerant the Moslems wouldn't want her dead!

Trump Pulls Funding for White Helmet Terrorists in Syria

It will be much more difficult for these assholes to stage another fake baby gassing video now!

South Africa May Amend Constitution to Steal White Farm Land

If you think racial diversity is so wonderful, look at how the minority White population is being treated in South Africa.

Brazil’s “Trump” Candidate Stabbed by Subhuman Ape

Another example of political violence from the Communist left.

Iranian Military Parade Attacked by Terrorist Gunmen

This was probably done by the Saudis or the Jews.

Sweden Distributes “War Preparation” Leaflets to 4.8 Million Homes

Apparently Sweden's feminist government has failed to recognize that their country has already been invaded.

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency Over Widespread Nigger Death

Jamaica would be a fine place to visit if it weren't for the Black race.