Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sand Nigger Goes on Enriching Stabbing Spree in Paris

Multiculturalism is a great thing.

Brazil: Military Takes Over Security in Rio de Janeiro

This is what you get with multiculturalism.

Boris Johnson Resigns as UK Foreign Secretary

It's hard to see how Theresa May will survive this latest high profile resignation.

China Seeks Full Reunification with Taiwan

There is no reason for the West to interfere in a reunification.

Trump Reports on Success of Tariffs

Trump's tariff plan is causing some issues for the Chinese.

Turkey Has Recordings Proving Journalist was Pulp Fictioned

This just keeps getting worse for the Saudi government.

Macron Rips Nationalism at WWI Commemoration

Looks like Macron is becoming the new Merkel.

America to Stop Arming Kurds Along Turkish Border

Continued arming of these Kurdish militia groups could have reignited the war in Syria.

Nigel Farage Steps Down from UKIP Over Tommy Robinson

Farage has done all sorts of questionable shit following the Brexit vote.

Swedish Nationalist Reports That Leftists Poisoned His Parents Dog!

What sort of sick fuck would poison a dog because they disagree with someone's political views?