Monday, March 8, 2021

UN Says Trump Biggest Spreader of Fake News on the Internet

The UN is such a useless organization.

US Seizes Large North Korean Merchant Ship

Guess we are just going to do war with Venezuela, Iran and North Korea simultaneously

England: Moslem Population Surpasses Three Million

If this continues, England will be lost.

UN Predicts “Biblical Famines” Due to Virus Lockdown

This certainly doesn't sound like a good situation.

IMF Gives $4.2 Billion to Ecuador After Assange’s Arrest

Wow, what a weird coincidence this is!

Brazil: New Poll Shows Bolsonaro Poised to Win Presidency

Jewish globalism is rapidly failing all around the planet.

Russia Used the NRA to Attack American Democracy!

Holy shit. This is the conspiracy among conspiracies.

Turkey to Allow Syrian “Refugees” to Flood Europe

Nothing to be afraid of. These are Europe's future doctors and engineers.

Top Iran Commander Reportedly Killed Near Baghdad Airport

This could devolve into all out war.

Greece: Golden Dawn Denied Radio Air Time and Access to Public Space

This is not very democratic proving once again that democracy is a hoax.