Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Saudi Airstrike on Yemen Bus Kills 50 Including Many Kids

The Jew-run media does not seem very interested in this story for some reason. Are they not concerned with human rights?

Boat Full of African Niggers Invade Spanish Beach Again

Where the fuck is Spain's coast guard? The country is being invaded by niggers!

South Africa: Jacob Zuma on Trial for Corruption

He's guilty because he's black.

CIA-Backed Hong Kong “Pro-Democracy” Rioters Occupy Airport

The Chinese might have to send in the military to deal with this.

150+ Nations Sign on to Insane Global Migration Pact

This pact promotes White genocide.

Ebola Doctor Shot Dead in Congo

We need to let as many Africans die of Ebola as possible.

Trump Preps Another $200 Billion in Tariffs on China

The more tariffs on China the better.

Kim Sends Trump a Nice Letter!

Peace talks seem to be going better than we've been told,

16 Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes Near Greece

Let this be a lesson to the third world subhumans trying to invade Europe.