Saturday, December 5, 2020

Macron Faces No Confidence Vote As Approval Plummets

Only 18 percent approve of his job performance.

Australia Pushes to Jail Anybody Who Questions Virus Hoax

It's basically a pre-crime system they're proposing. People will be jailed for their thoughts.

Australian Airline to Require Passengers Get Coronavirus Vaccine

This is how they're going to make people take the vaccine.

China Detains Two Canadians After Huawei Row

Serves the Canadians right.

Jew Carl Bernstein Claims Trump Destabilized America for Putin

When will this Russia hoax end???

German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial

If shower room gas chambers were real, why is it illegal to question them?

At Least 25 Caravan Invaders Die in Truck Accident

Hopefully more of these accidents occur.

Facebook Deletes Posts from Russian Politician on Donetsk Leader’s Killing

Very weird that Facebook would be censoring Russian posts about this.

Scandinavian Airlines Posts Video Saying Scandinavians Don’t Exist

The Scandinavian people don't exist according to this nigger who has Viking ancestors.