Saturday, March 28, 2020

Trump Threatens to Suspend Foreign Aid to the Palestinians

Trump is continuing to agitate Israel's enemies.

Specifics on Trump’s Call to Putin Leaked to the Press

It looks like Trump's national security team did this. He should fire them all.

Pompeo Says US Ready to Talk to Iran if They Start Sucking Jew Cock

Go to hell Pompeo you evil Zionist fuck.

British Royal Family Accused of Racism Over Harry/Meghan Drama

Who cares. Meghan Markle is an obnoxious wall-hitting nigger.

Trump Calls Off Secret Peace Talks With the Taliban

Guess we need the continued military presence in Afghanistan to invade Iran.

Anti-American Shiite Cleric Wins Iraq Elections

The trillions of dollars spent on the Iraq war sure was worth it!

Man Jailed for Sharing Video of Brenton Tarrant’s Mosque Visit

And they say New Zealand is a free country. lol

United States Cuts $285 Million from United Nations Budget

Less money for the UN is a step in the right direction.

Looks Like Angela Merkel is in Real Political Trouble

Even Merkel's coalition partners are fed up with her.