Zionist-Nut Mike Pompeo Says US May Invade Venezuela

All the dirty CIA tricks have failed to topple the Venezuelan government so now they're openly discussing an invasion.

Kiwi Man Faces 14 Years in Jail for Sharing Brenton’s Funny Mosque Video

This is what happens when you are ruled by an Islamic feminist government.

France: “Yellow Vest” Protests Enter 24th Week

They're only going to get bigger as we enter the summer months.

UK: Tommy Robinson MEP Campaign Being Totally Fucked With

Politics in the UK is such a shit show.

North Korea Charged $2 Million for Jew Otto Warmbier’s Medical Costs

Seems fair, North Korea's medical facilities are excellent from what I hear.

Over 30 Venezuelan Boat Migrants Drown in Ocean

This is the result of America's retarded neocon foreign policy.

Mexico: 1,300 Cuban Migrants Escape From Detention Center

And how many of them will be headed north to America?