Putin Attacks Faggot Rights and Multiculturalism

Principled statements from President Putin.

Maduro Says Israeli Group Tried to Asssassinate Him

No idea if this is true or not but his story isn't implausible.

Trump Meets With Putin and Makes Election Joke

The Jews are not happy about Trump's joke. They should really lighten the fuck up.

Greece: Golden Dawn Denied Radio Air Time and Access to Public Space

This is not very democratic proving once again that democracy is a hoax.

Canada Teams With Big Tech to Stifle Free Speech

Canada hates free speech just as much as these big Jewish tech companies.

Trump Threatens Iran With Obliteration

This is definitely not encouraging.

Russia Navy Vessel Docks in Cuba

This is no doubt in response to America's aggressive foreign policy approach towards Iran.

Trump Rolls Out More Sanctions Against Iran

Pretty dumb policy, but better than a military strike.

Kim Receives “Excellent” Letter From Donald Trump

Are we back on track with North Korea?