Trump Defends Charlottesville Comments

More empty rhetoric from the orange potato man.

Oliver North Says He’ll Be Leaving the NRA

Why was this guy of all people made the NRA's President?

Pentagon May Send 300 Troops to Process Invaders

What's the point of the American military if it isn't used to secure our borders?

Trump Tells Hannity Russia Hoax Was Coup Attempt

is anybody actually going to be held accountable for this? So far, the answer seems no.

Joe Biden Launches Presidential Campaign to Fight Neo-Nazi Trump

He's running as an anti-fascist candidate to fight Nazis.

7,000 Illegal Aliens Released Into the United States this Past Week

America can't even be considered a country at this point.

Over 12,000 Boy Scouts Sexually Abused by Homosexuals

Faggots should be punished with death.

Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges to an All-Time Low

This has nothing to do with the Mueller report.

Paki FBI Skank Writes NYT Piece Warning of Soviet Takeover

This brown bitch is targeting the American people with blatant propaganda and disinformation.