Friday, August 23, 2019

Ronald Reagan Exposed as a Nigger-Hating Racist

Republicans are the real racists.

Dan Coats Quit Because Trump Didn’t Believe His Russia Hoax Theories

Glad this nutcase is out of government.

Democrats Hold Part I of Their Second Debate Tonight

These people are fucking retarded and I wish they were all dead.

Trump Calls Out King Elijah and Anti-White Hatred

Some pretty good tweets from Trump today.

Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out

The American justice system is utterly fucked and an absurd joke.

Arizona Lawmaker Says US Will Soon Look Like South America

She's not wrong. Too bad she apologized for her factual comments.

Trump Accurately Calls Baltimore a “Rodent Infested Mess”

Baltimore is this way because of niggers.

Supreme Court Allows Trump to Build Wall

Some good news for a change.

Democrats Rage After Mueller’s Pitiful Congressional Performance

I'd be angry also if I invested all this time and energy in believing this insane and retarded hoax.

DOJ Launches Antitrust Probe Into Big Jewish Tech Monopolies

An antitrust investigation won't restore my free speech rights.