Sunday, April 21, 2019

Blurmf Visits Border and Does Photo Op at New Border Wall

There is some progress on the wall I guess. But at this point does it matter?

Blurmf Threatens to Close Border a Year From Now

Blrumf has been totally consumed by the swamp he promised to drain.

LOL: Blurmf Tweets Again About Closing the Border

This is getting ridiculous.

Trump’s Border Strategy Centers Around Sending Angry Tweets

Tweeting will not solve the problem Mr. President.

Dems Claim Attorney General Barr is Part of Russia Hoax Conspiracy

These fools are just inventing new conspiracy theories now.

Blurmf Tweets About Closing Down the Southern Border Again

Quit tweeting about it and just do it.

Blormf to Declassify Documents Related to Russia Hoax

The people who orchestrated the Russia hoax need to be held accountable.

Border Patrol Projecting Over 1 Million to Invade America

That's quite a large number of shitholers from shithole countries.

Agenda to Block Trump’s Veto on National Emergency Wall Order Fails

You'll see this going to the courts next.