Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trump Bars Foreigners Who Don’t Have Proper Health Coverage

If this limits the third world savages coming in than I am all for this policy.

Americans Believe Social Media Has Too Much Power Over News

Are Americans finally wising up to these Jewish social media companies?

It’s Been Two Years Since the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

It has been two years since this happened and there's still no real explanation on why this happened.

NYT: Trump Suggested Stopping Invaders by Shooting Their Legs

The report also claims he wanted to fortify the border wall with trenches filled with alligators and snakes.

Low IQ Baboon Maxine Waters Says Trump Should be Imprisoned

The orange man does not deserve to be harassed by this retarded nigger.

Little Niglet Made Up Story About Whites Cutting Her Dreadlocks

What an ugly little niglet she is.

New York City Makes it Illegal to Say Mean Things to Illegal Aliens

A totally illegal and unconstitutional law.

Half of California Voters Have Considered Leaving the State

California should probably just become its own separate country at this point.

Trump-Ukraine Hoax is Such Dumb Retarded Jewish Bullshit

This shit is so dumb I can hardly comprehend it.