Saturday, December 15, 2018

First Lady is Attacked for Wishing People a Happy Thanksgiving

WTF is wrong with these evil bastards?

Trump Plan Would Force Asylum Seekers to Stay in Mexico

This absolutely needs to happen. Don't let these shitholers in!

Trump Approves Military Use of Lethal Force Along Southern Border

Finally the military will be able to do their job.

Ocasio-Cortez Seeks to Cleanse Democrat Party of Whites

The faster the Democrat Party drowns in black and brown sludge the better.

Military Reportedly to Begin Withdrawal from Southern Border

The military should not be withdrawn until we are confident the border is secure.

Judge Bars Trump From Refusing Asylum to Illegal Aliens

The Jews went judge shopping and found a judge who hates America.

Trump Touts Upgraded Ocean Area Border Fence

Some good improvements here.

Broward County’s Corrupt Negress Election Supervisor Resigns

Great, but will Republicans ever seriously investigate all the vote fraud Democrats engage in?

Communist Negroes Gillum and Abrams Concede Defeat

They're against democracy because they refused to accept the election results.

Trump Trolls Pelosi By Offering Her Votes

Trump is successfully creating division and chaos among the Democrats.