Thursday, June 27, 2019

Foreign Invaders to Get Health Care Benefits in California

Foreign invaders have more rights and privileges than American citizens.

NSM Disrupts Fag Parade, Urinate on Israeli Flag

This costume Nazi stuff is not effective and in many ways counter productive.

350 Congolese Invade San Antonio

How the fuck did these Congo apes get to San Antonio?

10,000 Beaner Monkeys Sent Back to Mexico

Has Trump finally done something good?

Man Harassed by Evil Jews for Swastika in His Front Yard

These hateful Jews seem to have a problem with this Tibetan symbol.

Military Reportedly Being Used to Paint Trump’s Border Wall

Why aren't they being used to shoot the invaders coming into our country?

Homelessness Up 16 Percent in Los Angeles Over Past Year

Spending trillions on wars for Jews is more important though.

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Trump’s Wall Funding

Not bad I guess. But the invasion continues.

Crowdfunded Border Wall Gets Built on Private Land

Not bad. Hopefully they do other wall related projects.