Saturday, December 7, 2019

Anti-Fascists Go Nuts Over Ann Coulter Speech at UC Berkeley

Anti-fascists don't like free speech much because they can't logically defend any of their ideas.

Last Night’s Democrat Debate Really Sucked

It sucked according to many people who post their political views on the Internet.

Cuck Shill Michael Knowles Claims Racial Demographics Don’t Matter

If race doesn't matter why is California no longer voting for Republicans after a massive flood of non-Whites?

The Orange Man’s Twitter Feed Has Really Sucked Lately

I'm getting PTSD from all the impeachment-related tweets.

LA Times: GOP Doomed in California Because of Demographics

And Charlie Kirk has the nerve to tell us that demographics aren't destiny.

Gay Jew Matt Drudge Smears Nick Fuentes on His Website

Fake conservatives are resorting to promoting smears against Fuentes.

26 Moslems Just Won Electoral Victories in the United States

We are losing our country. This is insane.

Pete Buttfag Leading Iowa Polls Now

If you like hot gay anal sex, Buttfag is your candidate.