It looks like the CIA engineered a coup in Bolivia because Evo Morales the long time leader of the country wasn’t doing things favorable for ZOG. This resulted in Morales fleeing to Mexico where he has been an exile.

Meanwhile, the people who supported Morales are in the streets demanding his return.


At least five people are reported to have been killed in Bolivia in clashes between supporters of former President Evo Morales and security forces.

A doctor in the central city of Sacaba said most of those killed and injured on Friday had bullet wounds, according to the Associated News agency.

Bolivia’s authorities did not report any deaths in the city.

Mr Morales resigned last Sunday amid protests following the presidential election. He has since fled to Mexico.

Mr Morales told the BBC earlier on Friday that there were no meaningful charges that could be brought against him over October’s disputed election.

Morales had aligned himself with Venezuela and other countries in the region who have been opposed to United States policies. This is largely why a coup was engineered against him.

This has been done over and over again throughout Latin America and around the world. It’s really stupid and should stop.

America should be rebuilt and we should stop trying to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. It only generates resentment against us.