Thursday, June 27, 2019

America is Being Invaded by Diseased Third World Hordes

It'd be racist to not let diseased invaders into America.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Against Democrat Opponents are Dismal

Trump has done a great job at demoralizing his base.

Leftists Hold Rallies Demanding Trump’s Impeachment

Are they trying to help Trump? What's the point of this?

Marco Rubio Claims “Common Sense” Proves Iran Blew Up Tankers

Rubio is working for Israel and not America.

Trump Claims We Can Fight Fake News on Social Media

Not possible. Everyone is getting banned.

Pinterest’s Censorship Agenda Blown Open by Whistleblower

Big tech censorship exposed yet again.

George Will is a Shithead and I Hope He Dies

George Will is the very definition of an educated dumbass.

Helicopter Crashes Into New York City Skyscraper

Must be a slow news day as this is like the number one story in the country now.