Sunday, February 17, 2019

Feminist Cunt Amy Klobuchar Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Angry bitch boss womyn is in the race.

Trump Pessimistic About Congressional Wall Negotiations

Can we finally build this fucking thing please?

AOC Falsely Claims Her “Green New Deal” Document is Fake

They're claiming their own document was faked. What a joke!

Pocahontas Officially Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

The fake injun bitch doesn't stand a chance.

New Bills Proposed to End Per Country Green Card Limits

This will benefit Silicon Valley and we will get flooded with street shitting IT workers from India.

Second Woman Accuses Virginia Lt. Governor of Rape

The political left is eating itself alive.

Tucker Carlson Obtains New Footage of FBI Raid on Roger Stone

America is a totalitarian police state.

Feminist Cunt Senator Amy Klobuchar Exposed as Feminist Cunt

No surprise that she treats her staff like total shit. She's a feminist cunt.

Acting AG Whitaker Testifies in Front of Congress

The Democrats were hysterical in their questioning about the special counsel.

Virginia Blackface-MeToo Fiasco Continues

Tough spot for the Dems!