Saturday, December 7, 2019

Conan the Dog Who Killed ISIS Leader Visits the White House

Only insane people don't believe that this dog killed the diabolical leader of ISIS.

ZOG Demands Iran Pay Money for Jailing “Journalist”

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is still in jail.

16 Arrested For Crashing Truck Into Old US-Mexico Border Wall

This old barrier system can't get replaced fast enough.

American People Tiring of Jewish Impeachment Circus

People are getting sick of this stupid Jewish bullshit.

Charlie Kirk Says He Wants to Have a “Dialogue in Good Faith”

Charlie Kirk is full of shit. He does not want any sort of "good faith dialogue."

Faggot Shep Smith Blames Orange Man for Lack of Press Freedom

Don't you have some dicks to suck you evil faggot??

San Francisco’s Shit Problem is Getting Worse

San Francisco is a biological wasteland because of all the homeless niggers that shit in the streets.

Horrible Ratings for Last Night’s MSNBC Democrat Debate

The Democrat Party is having some problems with enthusiasm.