Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Faggot Shill Charlie Kirk Called Out for Supporting Mass Immigration

Fuck this faggot shill for the Jews.

Massive Wildfires Burning Down Los Angeles

Hopefully the entire city burns to the ground.

Fox News Poll Says 51 Percent Want Trump Impeached

What sort of bullshit poll is this?

Joe Biden Demands the Impeachment of Mr. Orange Man

That's because the orange man is corrupt and Joe Biden is a virtuous individual.

Orange Man Says He’s Sick of Endless Middle East Wars

I'm also sick of these dumb wars for Jews Mr. Orange Man.

Pocahontas is Now the Democrat Presidential Front-Runner

As it stands now, it looks like she has the best chance of winning the nomination.

Donations to Trump Surge Due to Impeachment Circus

It's looking more likely that the orange man is going to win in 2020.

851,000 Caught Trying to Invade US From Mexico This Year

Fortunately the invasion has slowed down a bit from earlier in the year.

Hispanic Man Does Mass Shooting in Kansas City Bar

This will disappear from the news cycle pretty quickly.

Tucker Carlson Exposes the CIA as a Horrible Failure

The CIA should be abolished.