Sunday, February 16, 2020

Soyboy Vape Shop Employee Refuses Service to Trump Supporter

This is a meltdown among meltdowns!

White Referee Fired for Applying Rules to Black Wrestler

So forcing blacks to follow rules is racist now.

EU Moves to Suppress Phrases Like “Manpower” and “Mankind”

If women were back in the kitchen where they belong, we would not be having such retarded discussions.

Two Scandinavian Skanks Beheaded Hiking in Morocco

These poor sluts were just trying to find themselves.

King Kang LeBron James Apologizes for Saying Jews Have Money

The Jews are not happy with this.

German Reporter Stole Money Meant for Fictional Syrian Kids

He illegally profited off of his fake news!

Man-Free Music Festival Found Guilty of Discrimination

These stupid cunts must have felt truly empowered by this festival.

Der Spiegel “Journalist” Who Faked News Was Given Award by CNN

This "journalist" said he was "sick" and needed help!

Nutty MSNBC Nigger Says Russians Brainwashed 1/3 of America

This nigga is bat shit fucking crazy.