Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marine Corps Officer Fired for Saying “Faggot”

The feelings of faggots is apparently more important than the operational readiness of the Marines themselves.

CNN’s Ratings Now Trail Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens drops more facts than CNN.

More Clashes Over Silent Sam Statue on UNC Campus

The people who want Silent Sam torn down have much hate in their hearts.

Waffle House Nogs Get Into Brawl Over Dishwashing Duties

Another fine example of black cultural enrichment.

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Up Child Sex Abuse

Fuck this faggot Pope and the rest of this faggot institution.

Alex Jones Apparently Jerks Off to Tranny Porn

The Chinese Communists must have hacked his phone.

Rally Held Protesting the Toppling of Silent Sam Confederate Statue

The more statues they topple, the stronger and more united our people will become against these anti-White terrorists.

Colts Radio Announcer Fired for Saying Racial Slur

Just the latest victim of the thought police mob.

#MeToo Advocate Asia Argento Did Sex With Underage Teen

Top #MeToo accuser did a #MeToo on a 17-year-old and paid him not to talk about it.

Trump Says Social Media Self-Regulation is “Very Dangerous”

It's time for the government to step in and regulate these companies.