Sunday, April 21, 2019

Black Panther Gets Near Perfect Score From Film Critics

They're basically claiming that it is the greatest movie of all time.

Count Dankula Found Guilty of Crime for Nazi Dog Joke

Politically incorrect jokes could land you in jail if you live in the UK.

BASED Blacks Diamond and Silk Smash Leftist Niggers in Congress

Like it or not, the BASED black phenomenon is helping our political agenda.

ABC Cancels Roseanne Reboot Over Racist Tweet

The Jews are really upping the stakes in the culture war.

Trump Says Social Media Self-Regulation is “Very Dangerous”

It's time for the government to step in and regulate these companies.

Sick Whore Lindsay Lohan Tries to Kidnap Brown Kids in Russia

This evil bitch is trying to kidnap brown children to help fulfill her disgusting sexual fantasies!

Dumb Skanks Trolled Into Spending $600 for $20 Shoes

Materialism is a big problem in America.