Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Antifa Recruiting the Mentally Ill

This makes sense as being mentally ill is a requirement to be a member of any anti-fascist group.

Canada: Woman Shits on Floor of Tim Horton’s and Throws It At Staff

Requiring people to buy something to use your bathrooms is a big ask these days.

Starbucks Stock Crashes After Becoming a Chain of Homeless Shelters

Apparently turning your stores into homeless shelters is not a good business model.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Brutally Heckled at Trump Rally

Jim Acosta is an evil man who has sold his soul to the Jews.

90 Percent of Google Employees Donated to Democrats

Google is run by Jews and Communists.

Roseanne Character Died of Opioids in Spinoff Show “The Conners”

Pretty sick that they would do this but not surprising considering that ABC is owned by Jews.

Apple’s Stock Crashes as iPhone Sales Forecast is Cut

This company still thinks it can sell unlimited amounts if iPhones.

Nigger Navy Sailor Faked Hate Crime Against Himself

These Blacks sure like faking hate crimes against themselves. They must have learned this from Jews.

Weirdo Faggot Screams Repeatedly at a Donald Trump Robot

A faggot dick sucking weirdo got triggered by a Donald Trump robot.