Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New York Times Attacks the Alt-Right in New Documentary

Another Jewish hit piece against the Alt-Right.

Lauren Southern Also Gets Banned from the UK

I thought the UK desperately wanted coal burners to immigrate to their nation.

Swedish DJ Avicii Committed Suicide

His death is already being compared to what happened with Kurt Cobain.

Khloe Kardashian’s Mixed-Race Baby is Ugly as Fuck

Race-mixing produces ugly babies.

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Conversations in the White House

All this was done to sell some stupid anti-Trump book.

Captain Marvel Pushes More Womyn Empowerment Nonsense

The kikes at Disney are putting out the feminist version of Black Panther.

Colored Faggot Don Lemon Says White Men Biggest Terror Threat in USA

I see a monkey faggot talking but hear a Jew speaking.

Alt-Lite Praises Laura Loomer’s Jewish Racial Activism

The Alt-Lite is nothing but a bunch of kikes and kike shills.

San Diego Starbucks Closes After Homeless Flood Store

The Jews really Jewed themselves with this one.