Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dumb Nigger Bitch Played Candy Crush During SOTU

We need to ban niggers from Congress and bring back slavery.

Matt Furie Sues Alex Jones Over Pepe the Frog Poster

Alex Jones is getting kiked from all angles.

MILO Forced Out of Bar For His Nazi and KKK Links

Milo is a homosexual Jew but is apparently also a Nazi and KKK member.

Man in Court for Calling Annoying Negress a “Loud Mouthed Monkey”

Hurting the feelings of an obnoxious nigger can get you put in jail.

Nigel Farage Calls for Regulation of Social Media Sites

Nigel brings up an excellent point about these sites not being platforms but publishers.

Inside Edition Crew Gets Robbed by Niggers in San Francisco

San Francisco has a real problem with nigger crime on their hands!

Apu Might Get Dropped From “The Simpsons” Due to Racism

Political correctness needs to die. This is just retarded.