Sunday, February 17, 2019

Racism Surges on College Campuses

Good. I want maximum amount of racism and hate.

Trump Wants Drug Dealers to Get Death Penalty

This crisis needs to be solved one way or another.

BASED Kanye West Posts Pro-Trump Tweets

This has caused an upheaval in the world of Jew-run pop culture.

Evil Irish Sluts Vote to Legalize the Murder of Their Own Children

It is empowering for women to murder their unborn children.

Dirty Spic Arrested for Assaulting Teen Wearing MAGA Hat

The dumb spic has had his life ruined over this.

Nigger Felon League Players Continue National Anthem Protests

These stupid niggers insist on disrespecting America for reasons they don't even understand.

James Woods Tells Senator Hirono To Go Fuck Herself

This is the type of political commentary America desperately needs.

Pro-Life Website Gets Banned from Hosting Provider

Not even mainstream pro-life websites are safe from the Jewish thought police.

Trump Seeks Supreme Court Ruling on Tranny Military Ban

It's insane that the Supreme Court has to rule on such things.