Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump Bashes Low IQ Niggers Don Lemon and Lebron James

The official stance of the United States government is that Don Lemon and Lebron James are dumb niggers.

Tucker Carlson Called “Racist” for Questioning Diversity

Diversity is definitely not a strength.

Patriotic White Woman Demands Passports of Brown Invaders

This woman is a fine patriotic American.

Racist Mexicans Protest Syrian Refugees Escaping War

Such hate filled individuals we have here!

Two Scandinavian Skanks Beheaded Hiking in Morocco

These poor sluts were just trying to find themselves.

Child Raping Satanist John Podesta Gloats at Roger Stone’s Arrest

This man is an evil child raping satanist.

Google Admits Nest Devices Have Secret Microphones

I'm sure this was just an accident. lol

New Zealand’s Female News Anchors Seen Wearing Hijab

If they like Islam so much they should start wearing black trash bags over their heads.

CNN’s Ratings Plunge to a New Low

This is the one thing Trump deserves credit for. Discrediting the kike-run media.