Saturday, March 28, 2020

Jew Facebook Bans “Dangerous” High Profile User Accounts

How the fuck is speech "dangerous" you retarded kikes?

Google Has Plan to Prevent “Trump Situation” in 2020

Just more proof further exposing what we already know about this evil company.

Pete Buttfag: “White Nationalism is Most Deadly Form of Terrorism”

Fuck this cocksucking faggot homosexual person.

Apple Apologizes for Letting Contractors Listen to Siri Sex Recordings

It's all good because Apple is a private company.

Americans are Really Fat and Disgusting

There are way too many fat people in this country.

Hospital Technology is Apparently Racist

Hospital technology is engaged in virulent hate of skin color.

Charlie Kirk is a Defeated and Broken Man

Charlie should resign and let the groyper army take control of his failed shill organization.

TIME Declares Eco-Retard Greta Thunberg Man of the Year

I say bring on the climate apocalypse.