Thursday, June 27, 2019

Black Women Are Trying to Get Out of the United States

Black women should seek their own safe space in Africa.

Federal Court Rules All-Male Military Draft Unconstitutional

Now this is what I call true equality.

NYT Has an Anti-White Dyke Gook on Their Editorial Board

A Jew-run paper is backing a dyke gook that hates White people.

Megyn Kelly Gone from NBC Over Blackface Defense

What a fiasco this shit is.

Trump Announces Ban of Bump Stocks

Another bad move by Trump. He gains nothing by doing this.

Alt-Lite Crew Poses With Bradley Manning!

Very pleased to find out that the Alt-Lite is not transphobic!

Mormons End Partnership with Boy Scouts

The Mormons are rejecting the promotion of homosexuality and gender neutral gibberish with this move.

CNN Demands People Stay Off of Twitter

CNN doesn't want people reading the thoughts of bad goyim on Twitter.

Moslems Enslave African Girl for 16 Years

Slavery is a unique and diverse part of their culture.

Armed Nigger Robs Store of Cheetos

Just think how boring our society would be without this cultural enrichment!