Saturday, March 28, 2020

WWE Superstar Fined $100K for “Racist” 10-Year-Old Internet Posts

Political correctness has even ruined wrestling.

Nazi Retards White Knight for Whores Who Fucked Harvey Weinstein

Wignat Neo-Nazis are claiming you are a Jewish shill if you don't support extreme forms of Jewish feminism.

YouTube Investigating Steven Crowder for Mocking Vox Faggot

Steven Crowder will probably be banned from YouTube at some point. Even he is too hardcore for the Jewish establishment.

Philadelphia: Dozens of Anti-ICE Protesters Arrested

What a horrible group of degenerate assholes!

Arabic Filmmaker Tries to Troll Cannes With 3.5 Hour Porn Film

In the era of Jewish degeneracy, this is not an effective way to troll people.

Nutty MSNBC Nigger Says Russians Brainwashed 1/3 of America

This nigga is bat shit fucking crazy.

Total Doom: “You Will See Darkness!”

We are witnessing mass hysteria in real time.

Twitter Apologizes for Banning Based Negress Candace Owens

She proved that you can bash White people with no consequence on these biased platforms.