Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Starbucks is Providing Blacks Free Cups of Coffee

This is not a troll. Starbucks is giving free coffee to blacks to prove that they aren't racist.

Waffle House Nogs Get Into Brawl Over Dishwashing Duties

Another fine example of black cultural enrichment.

Facebook Sued After 50 Million User Accounts Compromised

Jew-run Facebook is the worst website in the world.

Matt Furie Sues Alex Jones Over Pepe the Frog Poster

Alex Jones is getting kiked from all angles.

Trump Says Social Media Self-Regulation is “Very Dangerous”

It's time for the government to step in and regulate these companies.

Faggot Lawyer Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Global Warming

More leftists should consider engaging in this very unique form of protest.

Dirty Spic Arrested for Assaulting Teen Wearing MAGA Hat

The dumb spic has had his life ruined over this.

Facebook’s Monthly Page Visits Down Four Billion Since 2016

Facebook could absolutely go the way of MySpace considering these statistics.

JewTube HQ Shooter Was a Vegan Iranian Vlogger

Turns out the initial reports were wrong. The shooter was in fact someone seeking revenge against JewTube.