Sunday, February 17, 2019

Liam Neeson Once Plotted to Beat and Kill Niggers with a Club

He carried a club and plotted to beat and kill niggers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Claims No Conspiracy to Silence Alex Jones

The faggot Cook lies to justify his pro-censorship agenda.

CNN: NYT Report About Russia is “Stunning”

WTF are these people even rambling on about now?

Soyboy Vape Shop Employee Refuses Service to Trump Supporter

This is a meltdown among meltdowns!

Colored Faggot Don Lemon Says White Men Biggest Terror Threat in USA

I see a monkey faggot talking but hear a Jew speaking.

Loitering Niggers Arrested at Starbucks Awarded $200,000

This is a not so shocking case of nigger privilege.

Kike Media Falsely Claims White MAGA Students Harassed Indian

Fuck the kike media and their lies. Sick of their shit.

Nike Features Colin Kaepernick in New Ad Campaign

Nike is going to have a hard time getting White people to buy their products after this decision.