Sunday, April 21, 2019

Waffle House Nogs Get Into Brawl Over Dishwashing Duties

Another fine example of black cultural enrichment.

Starbucks to Close All Stores for Racial-Bias Training on May 29th

Starbucks is trying to brainwash their staff into thinking a nigger is not really a nigger.

Twitter Says Trump Not Immune from Being Banned

I don't think Dorsey has the balls to do it.

White House Correspondents Comic Panned by the Mainstream

Even the kikes realize that this went too far.

Apu Might Get Dropped From “The Simpsons” Due to Racism

Political correctness needs to die. This is just retarded.

ABC Cancels Roseanne Reboot Over Racist Tweet

The Jews are really upping the stakes in the culture war.

Pope Francis Kisses the Feet of Sudanese Niggers

Why would the Pope kiss the feet of niggers?

Nick Sandmann Refuses to Apologize to Disrespectful Red Nigger

There was no reason for him to apologize. The red nigger is the one who should be apologizing.

World Wide Web Inventor Calls for Regulation of Big Tech

It's looking more and more likely that big tech is going to get regulated.

Count Dankula Found Guilty of Crime for Nazi Dog Joke

Politically incorrect jokes could land you in jail if you live in the UK.