Wednesday, August 21, 2019

German “Blogger of the Year” Made Up Fake Holocaust Stories

So what other Holocaust stories are hoaxes?

Judge Rules That Bars Can Throw Out Trump Supporters

The law needs to be changed. Shit like this is ridiculous.

Pope Francis Says Buying Sex From a Woman is “Torture”

Fuck you Pope. Your only experience with prostitutes is probably those of the male variety!

NewsGuard Browser Plugin Identifies Fake News as Real

The tech industry is fake news.

Canada: Man Changes Gender to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Embracing the insanity isn't such a bad idea.

Disney to Turn Little Mermaid into a Nigger

Jews want to replace Whites not just on screen but in real life.

YouTube’s CEO Apologizes to Fags for Not Banning Steven Crowder

Homosexual supremacy is becoming a real problem in America.

Tim Pool Destroys Twitter Management on Joe Rogan Podcast

Pool utterly wrecked these haters of free speech.

Two Scandinavian Skanks Beheaded Hiking in Morocco

These poor sluts were just trying to find themselves.

Alex Jones Warns Trump About Dangers of Internet Censorship

Would have been nice if Jones did this back in 2017.