My default position on anything NASA does is to assume that it is a hoax. Earlier this week, NASA claimed that they landed the InSight probe on the surface of Mars. The so-called landing was covered live by the big cable news networks and made into a pretty big deal.

Most of the media pertaining to the InSight probe shows either a group of NASA engineers celebrating in a control room or computer generated images/video.

Here’s the first alleged Mars photo from the InSight probe.

This photo obviously doesn’t show a whole lot.

But curiously, this second photo posted on the InSight probe’s official Twitter account shows that the probe doesn’t have a whole lot of dirt on it. So if the lens cover got so dirty upon landing, how is it that the probe itself looks like it just went through a car wash?

The flat earth community is already exposing the InSight Mars landing as a hoax.

I don’t agree with everything in this video, but there’s lots of valid points about the weird nature of this whole thing.

This same guy did another video a few years back alleging that the photos from the Mars Curiosity rover and potentially other Mars missions actually come from a remote place on Earth called Devon Island. This is an uninhabited Canadian island. NASA apparently has some type of Mars testing facility there.

It would appear as if the alleged photos from Mars are taken at the testing facility and then doctored in Photoshop before they’re released to the public as “Mars” photos.

And look, I’m not claiming to know exactly what’s going on here, but everything NASA does is fishy as all hell and this latest InSight probe is no exception.