Sunday, February 17, 2019

Billions Wasted on High Speed Train Project in California

And the Democrats want to replace all air travel with these types of train systems. Good luck with that!

Female F-16 Viper Commander Relieved of Command After Two Weeks

She could not handle the empowerment.

Brown MAGA Guy Attacks Media at Trump’s El Paso Rally

It appears as if this individual has a big problem with the mainstream kike media.

Liam Neeson’s New Film Rakes in $10 Million on Opening Weekend Despite His Nigger-Killing...

The people want to see movies starring White men who want to kill niggers with a club.

Gang of Nigger Youths Shoot and Kill White Nashville Musician

Another victim of racial diversity.

Jew-Run National Enquirer Threatened to Post Bezos Nudes

Why would a middle-aged man be taking and sending nude photos of himself over the Internet?

Joe Rogan Does Softball Interview With Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey

Alex Jones thinks his old friend Rogan is working for the CIA.

Liam Neeson Once Plotted to Beat and Kill Niggers with a Club

He carried a club and plotted to beat and kill niggers.

Jewish Super Bowl Halftime Show Universally Hated

Even normies hated this kikefest.