Tuesday, December 11, 2018

“White Supremacist” EMT Under Investigation by Virginia

It is not illegal to be a "White supremacist" whatever the fuck that even means these days.

Skank Judge Helps Illegal Alien Flee ICE

Shocked that a female judge would do this.

Neocon Rag Weekly Standard Likely to Shut Down

Another sign that the Jewish neoconservative bullshit of the Bush 43 era is pretty much dead.

Trans-Age Man Denied Rights by Fascist Court

Talk about a major step backwards. Where is the freedom?

Dumb Skanks Trolled Into Spending $600 for $20 Shoes

Materialism is a big problem in America.

Google Internally Discussed Burying Right-Wing Content

More evidence showing that Google is against free political speech and must be regulated.

NASA Claims InSight Probe Landed on Mars

I'm at a point where I just assume that everything NASA does is a hoax.

Star Negro NFL Running Back Released for Kicking Dumb THOT

I actually have to side with the Negro on this one.

Alt-Lite Praises Laura Loomer’s Jewish Racial Activism

The Alt-Lite is nothing but a bunch of kikes and kike shills.