Friday, August 23, 2019

Trump Accused of Affair With Playboy Slut

More unproven tabloid rubbish being pushed by the Jew-run media.

Jorge Ramos Says He’s Returning to Mexico

Good and don't come back you subversive bean monkey!

White Woman Raped and Beheaded in Wild India Adventure

Please tell me again why White women should have freedom. It is obviously not to their benefit.

Han Solo Star Wars Film to Lose Over $50 Million

Perhaps they shouldn't have made the movie so Jewish.

Tennessee: Confederate Flag License Plates on the Rise

White racial identity is making a comeback in Tennessee!

Pope Francis Accused of Covering Up Child Sex Abuse

Fuck this faggot Pope and the rest of this faggot institution.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Claims No Conspiracy to Silence Alex Jones

The faggot Cook lies to justify his pro-censorship agenda.

Topless Femen Whore Attacks Trump Motorcade

She wanted Trump to grab her by the pussy.

“White Supremacist” EMT Under Investigation by Virginia

It is not illegal to be a "White supremacist" whatever the fuck that even means these days.