It looks as if the services Parler relies on to stay online are starting to be suspended. Outbrain has cancelled services Parler was using alleging that they violated their terms of service.

I predicted this but this wasn’t difficult to predict.

The reason why I was able to predict this is because this is what happened to myself and many others years ago. They are just repeating what they previously did to harder right-wing figures to mainstream Republicans and Donald Trump supporters.

It will be interesting to see if Parler is able to stay online, because this is just the start of the harassment. They are going to do everything they can to force them offline.

And so much for the argument of creating your own Twitter that was put forth by a variety of “conservative” retards. If you create your own alternative platform they will just bully the people who provide you services to keep your site operational in order to take you offline. This idea that there is a free market here is a total fantasy.