The Democrat Party is literally advancing an agenda allowing for the legalization of infanticide. This after the Democrat state governors in New York, Rhode Island and Virginia advanced late term abortion agendas basically allowing a woman to kill their child after birth. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam made some particularly deranged comments on a radio show.

Tucker Carlson debated the issue last night with an evil feminist cunt who cried about coat hanger abortions and women’s health. As if late term abortions are good for a woman’s health.

And this isn’t just me saying it. This is what mainstream Republicans are saying all over their Twitter feeds.

The Democrat propaganda machine is trying to spin it as a woman’s health issue which is bullshit. They’re advocating to give women the right to kill their own children after they are born. Abortion is bad enough, but this is barbaric shit taken straight out of the Old Testament.

At this point it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them try and pass laws making it legal for women to sacrifice their children to Moloch. This is pure evil we are dealing with folks. That’s all this is.