The World Economic Forum put out a tweet claiming that lockdowns are improving cities around the world even though that is obviously not the case. They were somehow claiming that the lockdowns helped with the climate change hoax and that this is why cities were improving. Obviously this talking point is insane as lockdowns have totally destroyed city life and people are fleeing places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York in droves. Many American cities have been turned into third world shitholes because of these lockdowns.

The tweet was so ridiculous they deleted it and admitted that cities were not improving from the lockdowns. But they went on to justify these tyrannical lockdowns by falsely claiming that they have been an important part of the public health response to the coronavirus.

This is also a lunatic statement. The lockdowns are not an important part of the public health response to the coronavirus because it has been proven that the lockdowns did not stop the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, places that did not do lockdowns actually had less problems with the coronavirus spreading. The lockdowns have also caused infinitely more health problems as they have caused depression, suicide, drug use and other bad things to skyrocket. Not to mention all the other social and economic consequences we have witnessed.

It’s just nuts that these people can put out allegedly serious statements like this even when such statements are completely divorced from reality.