The media is claiming that fertility concerns relating to these mRNA coronavirus vaccines is misinformation/disinformation.

The reality is that nobody knows if these vaccines impact people’s fertility or not. These vaccines were rushed to market and we have no idea what the long term consequences of these vaccines are.

To say that concerns about these vaccines is “disinformation” or whatever is completely insane. We don’t have enough information to determine what is going on with these things. So such a blanket statement is being deliberately misleading.

The bottom line is that these mRNA coronavirus vaccines are a new type of vaccine that represents a weird form of mass experimentation on humans. You should not take it to begin with but you should especially not take it if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant. Why take the chance? The coronavirus is just a flu variant and has over a 99.9 percent survivability rate. Your chances of having problems from the vaccine is much higher.