Top costume Nazi Jeff Schoep who ran the National Socialist Movement or the NSM from 1994 to 2019 has just come out disavowing White supremacy and extremism. He has a new Twitter account and is featured in an article published by The New York Times where he basically says that the past 25 years of his life were a big mistake.

So here we have the longest running wignat costume Nazi group leader totally betraying his one time followers.

He seems to be working with Christian Picciolini an alleged ex-Nazi who has some sort of working relationship with the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center. Picciolini doesn’t even appear to be White but that hasn’t stopped the SPLC from telling everyone that he’s some type of reformed Nazi person.

This wignat costume Nazi stuff has always been retarded. Normal people are not going to join a political movement whose leadership consists of individuals who dress up like a stereotypical Nazi from a Jewish Hollywood movie. These groups have existed primarily to discourage normal White people from getting behind pro-White causes and to make anybody who is pro-White look foolish.

These types of groups have been around for decades and none of them have helped create any sort of real political change. It’s insane that there are people who still believe that these groups represent a solution. They’re an asset of international Jewry more so than anything else.

But hopefully this story about Schoep betraying his followers will serve as a warning to anybody thinking of getting involved with this costume Nazism bullshit. If we are lucky it will end this stupid phenomenon entirely. And besides, most of these costume Nazi groups appear to either be run by feds or infiltrated with feds any way.