Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has gone totally off the rails. Ever since the infamous Jayoh De La Rey/Jim Object podcast got dropped on 4chan which further exposed TheRightStuff.Biz as a fed-compromised cult operation, he’s been going nuts attacking the most prominent people and groups covering the story.┬áHe has written a series of baseless smear pieces attacking myself, the Daily Stormer and Matt Forney. The purpose of which is to deflect from the fact that TheRightStuff.Biz has been compromised by feds.

At time of writing, five of the last six articles Wallace has posted have been smear attacks.

Just look at the insane shit he is writing. His entire site as of now is almost exclusively dedicated to this effort.

Wallace is specifically attacking Forney because he has done three different livestreams documenting the total implosion of TheRightStuff.Biz as a result of the Jim Object podcast.

If Wallace is the best person TheRightStuff.Biz could find to try and deflect from their problematic situation, they’re in some serious trouble.

Wallace is somebody who comes with lots of baggage. This is someone who literally went insane and had to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital by members of his family.

There is also a forum thread dating back to 2009 on Alex Linder’s site specifically talking about Wallace’s mental instability. The thread describes how he was involved in hacking/compromising the information of forum users while advocating for a working relationship with the Jew-run Southern Poverty Law Center. He was apparently also trying to get with Morris Dees’ daughter one of the main figures involved in helping found the SPLC.

You can read the thread and draw your own conclusions, but the point is, there were people back in the late 2000s documenting Wallace’s highly questionable and unethical activities.

With this in mind, it is no wonder why people like Christopher Cantwell the admitted federal informant was promoting Wallace as a potential leader.

Or as Linder called him back in 2009, Grinnie the Pooh.

It is absolutely comical that Wallace is the best surrogate that TheRightStuff.Biz could find to launch a smear campaign against those exposing their connections to federal informants. Their operation is finished. TheRightStuff.Biz has been totally exposed as a bizarre cult with extensive connections to federal informants and costume Nazi weirdos. If they actually think what Wallace is doing is helpful to them, they’re dumber than I thought.