Project Veritas has obtained a huge bunch of internal Google documents given to them by a whistleblower named Zachary Vorhies. They did a full interview with him and published a video outlining some of the more interesting revelations. It’s worth noting that Google really tried to put this guy through the ringer.

Among the documents is a blacklist file that contains a list of websites which restricts them from appearing on news feeds.

Not surprisingly, this website is on that list. The Daily Stormer is also on that list.

There’s all sorts of crazy shit in the documents dump that I have not had the chance to go through. But it merely proves what we already know.

I mean, we know that Google is a Jewish company involved in censoring free speech on the Internet. This is already proven in spades. This huge documents dump and the information provided by this whistleblower just further proves what we already know about this highly corrupt and unethical enterprise.