A Jew judge just threw out a lawsuit against the Jew-run Southern Poverty Law Center.


A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that accused leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center of trying to financially destroy one of the organizations that it has labeled as a hate group.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ lawsuit is devoid of any allegation that the law center made a false statement about the Washington-based nonprofit, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington, D.C., said in her ruling Friday.

Yeah, Amy Berman Jackson. She is a confirmed kike according to her Wikipedia profile. 

What we need to do is get rid of all these kike judges in the judiciary, otherwise we are going to continue seeing these stupid rulings. There can be no justice with kikes in the justice system. Kikes are opposed to the idea of justice and use the judiciary to push their own interests. This ruling is just more proof of this.