Friday, August 23, 2019

Afghanistan: Bomb Kills 95 People in Kabul

Maybe if the United States occupies Afghanistan for another 200 years, these things will stop happening!

Putin Rejects British Ultimatum on Spy Deaths

Theresa is making the United Kingdom look like an even bigger joke than it already is.

Syrians Rally in Damascus to Support Bashar Al-Assad

The Syrian people are firmly behind Assad.

Canada Granting Fewer Refugee Claims From Illegal Border Crossers

Even Canada has had enough with the subhuman filth that is invading their country.

Sweden: Sex Without Explicit Consent is Now Considered Rape

Can't Sweden deal with all the Moslem gang rapists before expanding the definition of rape? Or would that be racist?

Mob of Future Nigger Engineers Break Through Spain’s Border

They've come to make Europe great again.

Germany: Weird Gold Statue of Erdogan Gets Removed

The purpose of erecting this statue was to agitate the German public.

Germany is Trying to Airdrop Monkeys Into Italy

Italy is having none of this and is threatening to shut down their airports if needed.

Macron Calls for European Army

This guy is also a granny fucker.

Trump Attacks May’s Brexit Hoax Deal with EU

It's hard to see how this hoax Brexit deal gets approved.