North and South Korea Hold Critical Summit

Some encouraging news from Korea.

Canada: Indian Restaurant Gets Blown Up with a Bomb

Guess these folks really hate Indian food.

UK Bans Nigel Farage From Meeting Donald Trump

The British government is a joke.

Tommy Robinson Gets Released From Prison

Robinson's arrest was totally unjust. It's good that he's been set free.

Trump Doesn’t Care if Canada Agrees to New Trade Deal or Not

Canada's political leadership is a joke.

Turkey Releases Pastor Andrew Brunson

This is another public relations win for Trump.

Nationalist March in Poland Draws 200,000

Looked like quite the epic event.

Massive Civil Unrest in France is Continuing

These "Yellow Vest" protests have turned into a full out revolt against the French government.

Huge Protest Held Against UN Migration Pact in Brussels

It turns out Whites are not happy with Jewish globalists trying to flood their nations with low IQ niggers.

“Yellow Vest” Protesters Encouraging Run on French Banks

These guys are now attacking the very heart of Jewish power.