Friday, August 23, 2019

China Detains Two Canadians After Huawei Row

Serves the Canadians right.

John Bolton Says Syria Withdrawal is Conditional

I really wish Trump didn't hire this warmongering asshole.

France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After “Yellow Vest” Meeting

It is good to see Italy's populist government support the populist movement in France.

Aussie Senator Blames Moslems for Christchurch Shooting

He's not wrong. The Moslems brought it on themselves.

UK: All Four Brexit Alternatives Voted Down

Brexit has proven that democracy is a dumb Jew hoax.

UK: Tommy Robinson MEP Campaign Being Totally Fucked With

Politics in the UK is such a shit show.

Kim Receives “Excellent” Letter From Donald Trump

Are we back on track with North Korea?

Australia: Sand Monkey Drives Car Into a Crowd of People

I am shocked to see that another Moslem has used a car to try and deliberately kill people.