France: 11th Week of “Yellow Vest” Protests

And Macron has the nerve to claim that he is a man of the people.

At Least 25 Caravan Invaders Die in Truck Accident

Hopefully more of these accidents occur.

Blormf Meets With Google CEO and Confirms He’s Not a Chinese Agent

Sundar Pichai is "America First" all the way!

Sri Lanka Believes Islamic Militants Did Easter Bombings

Moslems blowing people up? How shocking!

Syria’s Assad Accused of Gassing His Own People Again

These Jews really like promoting hoaxes about their enemies gassing people.

Iraq Declares Victory Over the Islamic State

The Islamic State seems to be finished.

Sweden: Explosion Near Subway Station Kills Man

Be careful picking up random objects in Sweden!

Italian Fascist Shoots Several African Invaders

I am not surprised to see something like this happen.

South African Niggers Mad at Aussie Visa Plan for White Farmers

The killing of White farmers in South Africa should be recognized as state sanctioned genocide.