WTF is Paul Joseph Watson saying here? That the kikes at Facebook should ban Al Jazeera for publishing a video about the Holocaust that Jews disapproved of?

I get that he’s trying to articulate how there’s a double standard with social media bans etc.. but this is very poorly worded tweet.

He should be advocating for a free exchange of ideas and zero censorship on social media. But instead, he sounds like he wants Al Jazeera banned from Facebook for hurting the feelings of Jews. And it doesn’t help that he tries to make the issue all about himself.

Social media censorship isn’t all about you Watson as there’s lots of other people like myself who have been banned and censored far more than you have. I got banned off of Twitter years ago after only being on the site for three weeks. You on the other hand are still allowed to tweet whatever bullshit you want.

It’s almost like he’s getting tips from the Jewess Laura Loomer on how to muddy the waters with what should be a very straight forward issue.