Racist Mexicans Protest Syrian Refugees Escaping War

Such hate filled individuals we have here!

Facebook Employs “Deboosting” Tools to Target Conservatives

When the hell is something going to be done about these evil Jewish social media companies?

Two Scandinavian Skanks Beheaded Hiking in Morocco

These poor sluts were just trying to find themselves.

Feds Probe Apple Over iPhone Slowdown Conspiracy

The problems for Apple keep getting worse.

Colts Radio Announcer Fired for Saying Racial Slur

Just the latest victim of the thought police mob.

Man-Free Music Festival Found Guilty of Discrimination

These stupid cunts must have felt truly empowered by this festival.

Khloe Kardashian’s Mixed-Race Baby is Ugly as Fuck

Race-mixing produces ugly babies.

Trump Tweets About Tech Censorship and TSA Molestation

It'd be nice if we actually had a real President. He'd be able to do something about these problems.

CNN and MSNBC Ratings Plummet Over #Russiagate

They've lost all credibility.