Monday, September 23, 2019

New Trump MAGA Hat Promotes Gay Ass Sex

In order for America to be great, we need as much gay ass sex as possible.

Ivanka Trump Travels to Africa to Make Africa Great Again

She is spreading feminism to niggers.

Trump Bashes Low IQ Niggers Don Lemon and Lebron James

The official stance of the United States government is that Don Lemon and Lebron James are dumb niggers.

Khloe Kardashian’s Mixed-Race Baby is Ugly as Fuck

Race-mixing produces ugly babies.

Harvard Rescinds Admission to Parkland Student for Racism

He said "nigger" and made fun of kikes.

Former Mexican President Shilling Retarded Anti-Trump T-Shirt

Vicente Fox is just mad that his country is a shithole and he can't fix it.

Trump to Look Into Twitter Censorship

At minimum, we need robust regulation of these big social media companies.

Dancing Monkeys Pushed Off Stage During School Graduation

Did these niggers think they were on an episode of Soul Train??

Female Put in Charge of Army Infantry Division for First Time

The military is going to fall apart because of feminism.

Stephen Hawking’s Death is Good News

This was some of the best news I heard all day.