Monday, September 23, 2019

Gun Grabbing Crisis Actor David Hogg Can’t Get Into College!

David Hogg is one of the worst crisis actors in the history of crisis acting!

Facebook Loses Ground With Generation-Z

It wouldn't be surprising if Facebook went the way of MySpace in the next 10 to 15 years.

Apple Rewrote Siri to Deflect Questions About Feminism and #MeToo

AI and Jew-enforced societal norms do not mesh well.

Twitter Sorry After “Kill All Jews” Becomes Trending Topic

Looks like @jack has some explaining to do.

TIME Magazine Columnist Publishes Fake Donald Trump Quote

You can't expect to get truth from journalists these days.

Matt Furie Sues Alex Jones Over Pepe the Frog Poster

Alex Jones is getting kiked from all angles.

“Cheddar Man” Nigger Theory is a Hoax

This retarded hoax has been used to falsely convince the British people that they are niggers.

Star Negro NFL Running Back Released for Kicking Dumb THOT

I actually have to side with the Negro on this one.

Female F-16 Viper Commander Relieved of Command After Two Weeks

She could not handle the empowerment.

German Reporter Stole Money Meant for Fictional Syrian Kids

He illegally profited off of his fake news!