Shithole Woman Enslaved 33 Shitholers in Her Basement

Now this is what I call enrichment.

Kike Laura Loomer Gets Gassed on Live Tube Stream!

This was a literal Holocaust.

Alex Jones Gets Banned From Spotify

Yeah, I think Jones should have been a bit more supportive when we were getting banned.

Trump Seeks Supreme Court Ruling on Tranny Military Ban

It's insane that the Supreme Court has to rule on such things.

The CIA Posts Tweets About Black Panther

Why? WTF is going on here?

Layoffs Hit McClatchy and Vice Media

It is good to see more so-called journalists lose their jobs. To hell with these lying propagandists.

Bermuda Repeals Faggot Marriage

It's about time someone takes a stand on the faggot plague!

Jews Conspiring to Shut Down Radio Aryan

They want to shut down everything and anything that is pro-White.

Trump Says He’s “Monitoring” Tech Censorship

In other words, he's not going to do shit but tweet about it.

David Lynch Says Trump Could Be One of the Greatest Presidents

Unexpected but interesting commentary from Lynch.