Friday, December 13, 2019

Google Honors Negro Poet While Ignoring Easter

This is another reminder that Google is controlled by subversive Jews.

Study Blames Men Not Making Enough Money for Decline in Marriages

Yeah, it is always the man's fault. It is never the fault of all these brave and empowered women.

Americans are Really Fat and Disgusting

There are way too many fat people in this country.

DC Anti-Fascist Terrorist Leader Arrested

Did this really happen?

Reddit Quarantines r/The_Donald

We weren't lying when we said that everything was going to get shut down.

Ad “Expert” Wants to Rebrand “Climate Change” to be Scarier

If this all this shit was real, there'd be no need to use such ridiculous propaganda techniques.

Canada: Woman Shits on Floor of Tim Horton’s and Throws It At Staff

Requiring people to buy something to use your bathrooms is a big ask these days.

Dumb Nigger Bitch Played Candy Crush During SOTU

We need to ban niggers from Congress and bring back slavery.