Judge Rules That Bars Can Throw Out Trump Supporters

The law needs to be changed. Shit like this is ridiculous.

Star Wars Fans Revolt Due to Sound Problems at “Last Jedi” Screening

It might be time to declare Star Wars fans a threat to national security.

Pantera Co-Founder Vinnie Paul Passes Away at 54

Sad news. Pantera was one of the more culturally significant metal bands of the 1990s.

Miss America Nets All-Time Low Ratings as Negress Wins Pageant

Independent womyns, feminism and social justice have destroyed Miss America.

White House Correspondents Comic Panned by the Mainstream

Even the kikes realize that this went too far.

Google Has Plan to Prevent “Trump Situation” in 2020

Just more proof further exposing what we already know about this evil company.

Supreme Court Allows Military Ban on Trannies To Go Forward

Fuck tranny rights. They're all mentally ill and fucked in the head!

Disney Executive Charged With Child Abuse

#MeToo is now helping the child sex abuse that is rampant in the kike run entertainment industry.