It was a waste of time and resources to do a study on this. I was saying that this open bathroom policy was going to hurt their business when they announced it.

Yahoo Finance:

Starbucks’ (SBUX) changes to its bathroom policy appear to be impacting foot traffic for the coffee giant, despite sales that have outpaced expectations, according to recent data.

Since opening its bathroom doors to the public in the wake of a controversial incident in Philadelphia, the coffee giant has seen a 6.8% drop in store attendance per month relative to other coffee shops nearby, according to the findings of a joint study from the University of Texas at Dallas and Boston College.

“When you throw open the policy to let people come in and just use the bathrooms and the tables, maybe people come in and find the bathrooms are dirty, and the tables are crowded,” David Solomon, Assistant Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management, told YFi PM. “And so they don’t buy the coffee as well.”

Basically what happened is that some blacks were asked to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia because they hadn’t bought anything. It turned into a whole big deal in the media where the coffee chain was accused of racism, so Starbucks changed their policy and let anybody come into their shops even if they didn’t purchase anything.

What this means is that their coffee shops in the cities now have people loitering around including homeless niggers who don’t buy anything. And when you have this element in the coffee shops, it doesn’t exactly make people want to come into the coffee shop to buy coffee and do work on their laptop.

A study commissioned by some random Jew was unnecessary. All Starbucks had to do was read Neo-Nazi websites like this one to determine the outcome of their retarded policy.