Jew Facebook Bans “Dangerous” High Profile User Accounts

How the fuck is speech "dangerous" you retarded kikes?

Baked Alaska is a Baked Faggot

He's auditioning himself to be promoted by Jews as a reformed Nazi. Total fag move.

Tucker Carlson Questions Venezuela Invasion Agenda

He seems to be the only person in the mainstream media questioning this madness.

Sargon of Akkad’s MEP Campaign is LOL Funny

He's running for European Parliament and his campaign has been very funny so far.

Pope Francis Gives Aid to Central American Migrant Army

The United States should declare war against the Vatican and this satanic faggot Pope.

South Africa: Mongrels Preferred White-Run Apartheid Government

The rainbow nation concept is a fraud.

Canada Unveils New Homo-Clown Coin

Canada celebrates man on man anal sex with a new coin.