The Palestinians are continuing their protests against the Zionist kikes of Israel. Just recently, the Israelis shot a teen Palestinian protester who had his hands in the air. The Israeli military is saying that they’re going to get to the bottom of the incident. Yes, I’m sure the soldier who shot the teen will be held fully accountable. lol

Remember in America when we had all those niggers screaming “hands up don’t shoot” after the death of Michael Brown? Well, Brown did not have his hands up and he physically attacked a police officer which is why he was shot. Despite that, the Jew-run media pushed the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative endlessly and agitated blacks to riot in the streets.

In this case, we have documented video evidence indicating that the Palestinian teen who was shot had his hands up in the air. The Israeli soldier just shot him for laughs I guess.

But even with this documentation, we will not hear anything substantive about this story in the Jewish press. It will be isolated to a few Israeli media outlets and soon be flushed down the memory hole. The rules don’t apply to Jews or Israel. They are allowed to kill with impunity and not face any consequences.

What’s bothersome about this story is not that the fact that they are killing Palestinians, but the hypocritical double standard at play. They can’t be slaughtering brown people on their border while simultaneously lecturing us about “human rights” and how niggers are human beings. Shit don’t work that way!