Friday, August 23, 2019

Daily Stormer Returns to the Normal Internet!

6 million out of 6 million kikes are not happy about this news.

Texas Policemen Show How To Properly Control a Criminal Nigger

Now this is how you take care of criminal niggers.

8chan Gets Domain Yanked by Tucows

Internet censorship just keeps getting increasingly worse.

Cloudflare Bans 8chan

The censorship machine keeps grinding away.

Gillette’s CEO Admits They Lost Billions Over “Woke” Ad Campaigns

He said the billions lost were worth it to spread the wokeness.

New Study Claims White Robots are a Product of Racism

What a shocking finding this is.

Playboy Has Been Taken Over by “Woke” Millennials

This is not going to end well.

Bees Reportedly Drop Dead Around 5G Towers

There's lots of questions about the safety of 5G.

Burger King Promotes Gay Ass Sex in Commercial

Burger King is more focused on promoting faggot ass sex than selling burgers.