Saturday, February 16, 2019

European Colonizers Said to Have Changed Climate by Killing Injuns

What a bunch of insane bullshit this is.

NewsGuard Browser Plugin Identifies Fake News as Real

The tech industry is fake news.

Democrats are Openly Supporting Infanticide Now

The Democrat Party is evil.

Kike Media Claims Polar Vortex Proves Global Warming is Real

Cold weather means global warming is real goyim!

No Video of Alleged MAGA Attack on Gay Nigger Actor

This ridiculous story looks and sounds like a hoax.

Tom Brokaw Called Out as a Racist Neo-Nazi by Twitter Mob

Looks like this is the end for Tom Brokaw.

DC Anti-Fascist Terrorist Leader Arrested

Did this really happen?

Fired Fake News Assholes Told to “Learn to Code” by /pol/

Hopefully this will cause some of these arrogant pieces of shit to kill themselves.

Child Raping Satanist John Podesta Gloats at Roger Stone’s Arrest

This man is an evil child raping satanist.