Saturday, December 7, 2019

Cookie Monster Nationalism is the Best Nationalism

So what if the cookie monster couldn't bake six million cookies in the time that it took the Nazis to gas six million kikes?

If This is Really Conservatism, We’ll Pack Up Our Bags and Go Home!

Fake conservative shills are not happy with the rise of cookie monster nationalism.

YAF Cancels Michael Knowles Appearance at OSU

Major retreat by fake conservative incorporated.

Stefan Molyneux Distances From Groypers Because of “Muh Holocaust”

To hell with this coward and his pseudo-intellectual ramblings.

Porn Slut Claims Groypers Are Masturbating Incels

Apparently porn stars like this whore represent true conservative values in 2019.

Gay Plagiarist Benny Johnson Posts Slew of Funny Fuentes Clips

Fake conservative incorporated has trotted out a gay plagiarist to try and bring down Fuentes. Bad move!

Study Says Starbucks Open Bathroom Policy Hurt Business

Was a study really necessary?

Trump Reportedly Screened Joker Film and Liked It

If only he would solve the real life problems that the Joker film depicts.