Saturday, March 28, 2020

Scientists Say COVID-19 Is Not a Bioweapon

Well that settles that I guess. Must have come from chinks eating bat soup.

Neo-Nazi Retards Continue to Push Jewish Rape-Hoax Agenda

Neo-Nazis are doubling down on their support for extreme forms of Jewish feminism.

Trump Endorses Yang Plan to Give People Free Money

About fucking time. Give me my free money now!

Globalists Block Sale of Alex Jones Coronavirus Toothpaste Cure

The globalists really have it out for him.

Gun and Ammunition Sales Skyrocket Across America

We are in the midst of a biological apocalypse so this is to be expected.

Nazi Retards White Knight for Whores Who Fucked Harvey Weinstein

Wignat Neo-Nazis are claiming you are a Jewish shill if you don't support extreme forms of Jewish feminism.

Nigger Democrat Andrew Gillum Found in Hotel Room With Meth

Sounds like a this nigger was involved in a drug-fueled gay sex romp.

NBA Season Cancelled After Player Gets Coronavirus

How sad that Americans will be deprived of their professional nigger ball.

Alex Jones Arrested for Drunk Driving in Globalist Conspiracy

This was a conspiracy by everybody except for Jews.