Saturday, December 15, 2018

NASA Claims InSight Probe Landed on Mars

I'm at a point where I just assume that everything NASA does is a hoax.

Star Negro NFL Running Back Released for Kicking Dumb THOT

I actually have to side with the Negro on this one.

Alt-Lite Praises Laura Loomer’s Jewish Racial Activism

The Alt-Lite is nothing but a bunch of kikes and kike shills.

Twitter Bans Feminist Saying “Men Aren’t Women”

Apparently she didn't understand that it is the year 2018.

Trump Seeks Supreme Court Ruling on Tranny Military Ban

It's insane that the Supreme Court has to rule on such things.

Black Friday Chaos Reveals a Rotting Decaying Society

And you thought America was a civilized country?

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cartoon Dubbed “Racist”

Of course it is racist. The creator of Charlie Brown was a member of the KKK.