Thursday, June 27, 2019

Swiss Skanks Go On Strike Demanding “Equality”

Fuck off bitches. You don't do equal work so you aren't entitled to equal pay.

Keanu Reeves is Well Aware of Toxic Feminism

Keanu knows what's up with these skanks.

Facebook Reportedly Deletes Post With the Word “Honk”

How anybody is still using this horrible website is beyond me.

YouTube’s CEO Apologizes to Fags for Not Banning Steven Crowder

Homosexual supremacy is becoming a real problem in America.

YouTube to Bury “Borderline Content”

Google's street shitting CEO just told a tranny that they're going to bury content they dislike.

Latest X-Men Film Dark Phoenix Could Lose $100 Million

The Jewish film industry is garbage.

Tech Journalist Dr. Pizza Arrested for Trying to Fuck Kids

He called himself Dr. Pizza, but #Pizzagate isn't real goy.

Diversity Macht Frei Blog Gassed by WordPress

The Jewish censorship machine does not rest.

Female Put in Charge of Army Infantry Division for First Time

The military is going to fall apart because of feminism.

Robert De Niro Getting Divorce Raped by His Negroid Wife

Even the prenuptial is getting challenged.