Sunday, February 17, 2019

Child Raping Satanist John Podesta Gloats at Roger Stone’s Arrest

This man is an evil child raping satanist.

1,000+ Fake News Assholes Fired This Week

A very bad week for evil Jews who push fake news!

Jew Buzzfeed to Eliminate 15 Percent of its Staff

Hopefully this evil Jewish fake news site goes bankrupt.

Nathan Phillips is a Lying Flat Faced Red Nigger

Fuck this lying red monkey.

Nick Sandmann Refuses to Apologize to Disrespectful Red Nigger

There was no reason for him to apologize. The red nigger is the one who should be apologizing.

Supreme Court Allows Military Ban on Trannies To Go Forward

Fuck tranny rights. They're all mentally ill and fucked in the head!

CNN: NYT Report About Russia is “Stunning”

WTF are these people even rambling on about now?

Happy Martin Luther Coon Day!

I have a dream that we live in a country with no niggers!

Kike Media Backs Off on Attacks Against MAGA Catholic Students

The kikes didn't lie to you goyim. A different view of the incident has emerged.