Thursday, June 27, 2019

YouTube Bans Electronic Music Artist Xurious

YouTube is resorting to banning art now.

Sluts Buying Morning-After Pills in Mass As Abortion Laws Tighten

Whores can't keep their fucking legs closed.

Slate Calls for Social Media Regulations to Restrict Free Speech

We need regulations that support free speech, not limit it.

New Trump MAGA Hat Promotes Gay Ass Sex

In order for America to be great, we need as much gay ass sex as possible.

YouTube Announces Ban on Truthful Video Content

YouTube also known as JewTube is waging a war on truth.

Washed Up Cunt Pop Star Kesha Does Song Bashing White Males

I hope this bitch dies a painful death.

Straight Pride Parade Event Triggers Twitter Faggots

A parade celebrating heterosexuality is long overdue.

Facebook May Be Told to Censor Hateful Posts Globally

We need more free speech not less free speech on the Internet.

German “Blogger of the Year” Made Up Fake Holocaust Stories

So what other Holocaust stories are hoaxes?