Saturday, December 7, 2019

What Sort of Man Talks About Burgers This Way?

A "heterosexual" man talks about his favorite type of burger.

Tranny to be Lead Character in New Microsoft Xbox Game

This is so dumb. Why can't game developers just focus in on making good games?

Charlie Kirk is a Defeated and Broken Man

Charlie should resign and let the groyper army take control of his failed shill organization.

Groyper War Victories Have Made Wigger Nationalism Irrelevant

The death of wigger nationalism has been long overdue.

Vile Niglet-Lover David French Attacks the Groyper Army

This sick freak is unfortunately still posting bullshit on the Internet.

Another TPUSA Chapter Head Resigns in Midst of Groyper War

TPUSA is losing the support of their own people.

Pope Compares Anti-Gay, Anti-Jew Politicians to Hitler

Quite the compliment to be compared to such a great man like Hitler.

Apple to Ban All Vaping Apps

Apple has become such a shit company.

“Based” Black Midget CJ Pearson Turns Against the Groyper Army

This colored midget is a traitor to America First.

Charlie Kirk Says His Event Was Invaded by Vile White Supremacists

So says someone who fully supports the Jewish racial supremacy of Israel.