Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Negro CNN Anchor Cries on Air Because He Lived in Baltimore

I'd be upset also if I had to live in that nigger shithole for any length of time.

Negro Footballer Millions in Debt Despite Making $100 Million

Only a black could go broke after making $100 million.

Pete Buttfag: “White Nationalism is Most Deadly Form of Terrorism”

Fuck this cocksucking faggot homosexual person.

I Believe the Apollo Moon Landings Were a Big Hoax

Whole thing looked fake as fuck as far as I'm concerned. A big hoax.

Trump Demands Poet A$AP Rocky Be Freed From Swedish Prison

America will not survive unless this talented poet is released immediately by those evil Swedes.

Tranny Ape Michael Obama Claims America Belongs to Africans

I do not have any admiration for this rude tranny nigger cunt.

Storming Area 51 Now Has the Support of 1.5 Million People

If only we could get 1.5 million people to demand Jews be thrown out of the country.

Richard Spencer Attacks Trump for Racist Tweets on CNN

Why attack Trump over his funny tweets?

Tucker Carlson Does Segment on Antifa Terror Attack Against ICE Building

At least there's one person in the mainstream exposing the terrorism of anti-fascists.