Saturday, March 28, 2020

CNN Contributor Andrew Yang Endorses Joe Biden

This gook has been a major disappointment.

“Bloomberg Could Have Given Each American $1 Million”

This is proof that niggers are very good at math.

2016 Clip Shows Charlie Kirk Bashing the Orange Man

Charlie Kirk is a big loser and a big fraud.

Timothy Hutton’s Show Canned After 1983 Rape Accusation

Another rape hoax targeting a high profile man.

Chris Matthews “Quits” MSNBC

Good riddance. His show should have been called "Softball."

First Annual AFPAC Was a Major Success

AFPAC has helped further expose the hypocrisy of fake conservative incorporated.

Chris Matthews Off Air After Being Accused of “Sexist” Behavior

MSNBC might be getting ready to fire him.

Molson Coors Brewery Mass Shooter Was a Nigger

This story got buried real quick once the shooter was identified as a nigger.