Kosovo has announced that they are forming an army of 8,000 men. Serbia is not happy about this announcement and have gone so far as to threaten an invasion.

But Kosovo is not universally recognized as a country. Russia and many European nations don’t recognize it. It is actually a part of Serbia.

Back in the late 1990s, Bill Clinton had NATO forces attack Serbia because they were dealing with an internal problem of Albanian terrorists. They whined about human rights and other bullshit to justify the intervention.

It was basically a massive air campaign by NATO. Clinton ultimately decided against using ground troops. The end result was an agreement allowing NATO “peacekeepers” to remain in Kosovo to protect the Albanian terrorists.

In 2008, Kosovo declared independence as some sort of weird multicultural country and have now gotten bold enough to form their own army. Forming this army is provocative considering that they already have NATO forces theoretically protecting them from a Serb invasion.

But here’s the larger question. Why does the West support Kosovo’s independence but not Crimea’s breakaway from Ukraine and reunification with Russia? The situation in Kosovo was created through forcible military intervention. The situation in Crimea was done through a popular vote after a Jewish coup removed Ukraine’s government. The West’s support of Kosovo is just another example showing their hypocrisy.