There certainly wasn’t a whole lot of media coverage on this over the past few days. Congress held a hearing exploring the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation.

This should have been fairly significant news, but instead the Jewish media focused in on manufactured hoaxes related to Donald Trump.

Point blank, the Clinton Foundation has been a front organization for Bill and Hillary Clinton to take bribes in exchange for providing political favors. The organization took in huge sums of money while Hillary was Secretary of State but these “donations” dramatically tailed off after she lost her presidential campaign in 2016. She used her now infamous private email server while Secretary of State to hide her dirty dealings.

What’s interesting is that U.S. Attorney John Huber who was supposed to testify, did not show up. Huber was appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate this matter.

After several months, we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Huber. This despite an avalanche of information proving that the Clinton Foundation has been a money laundering front. It would appear as if Huber is doing little to nothing and we can assume this was by design.

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch testified at the hearing and helped uncover the pay to play scheme through various FOIA requests. He talked more about his appearance on Fox News.

The problem is that the Department of Justice is a cesspool of corruption and they have no intention of doing a real investigation into the Clintons. A special prosecutor needs to be appointed to look into this and all the other insanity that’s gone on inside these very corrupt government agencies.