Undocumented Child Rapes 13-Year-Old Mute Girl

Show some compassion for this poor undocumented child.

Pocahontas Refuses to Take DNA Test to Prove Indian Heritage

She won't take a DNA test because she lied about being an Indian.

American Suicide Rates Up 30 Percent Since 1999

Most of these suicides are White males.

Trump Bashes Fed After Stock Market Crashes Over 600 Points

This crash is directly due to the policies of the Federal Reserve.

Trump Proposes Massive Welfare Cuts

Welfare is mostly just free shit for worthless niggers.

Mueller Investigation Will Supposedly be Completed Next Week

Who knows. I'll believe it when I see it.

Baltimore Deploys Desk Officers as Blacks Keep Killing Each Other

The reason why there are so many murders in Baltimore is because there are lots of blacks in the city.

Over 300 Newspapers Join Forces to Attack Trump

These assholes think they're much more important than they really are.

#MeToo Claims First Kill

Let's hope this is the start of a trend.