Friday, August 23, 2019

7,000 Illegal Aliens Released Into the United States this Past Week

America can't even be considered a country at this point.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Against Democrat Opponents are Dismal

Trump has done a great job at demoralizing his base.

State of Emergency Declared in Charlottesville

Seems like a pretty lame political stunt. No rally is scheduled to be held in Charlottesville.

Trump Delays ICE Raids to Negotiate Immigration with Democrats

I fail to see what this is going to accomplish.

Helicopter Crashes Into New York City Skyscraper

Must be a slow news day as this is like the number one story in the country now.

Virginia Blackface-MeToo Fiasco Continues

Tough spot for the Dems!

Andrew McCabe Sat on New Clinton Email Revelations Before Election

McCabe tried to hide the fact that Clinton's emails were found on Weiner's laptop in the run up to the election.

California Wildfire is Biggest in State History

The apocalypse has come to California.

Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out

The American justice system is utterly fucked and an absurd joke.

Pelosi Wants State of the Union Postponed Over “Security Concerns”

The bitch won't fund border security but wants to shut down the State of the Union over security concerns.