Thursday, May 23, 2019

John McCain Admits Giving Pissgate Dossier to James Comey

Fuck this tumor infested asshole. Why can't he just die already?

John Kerry Engages in Shadow Negotiations with Iran

He should be arrested for violating the Logan Act.

Trump to Demand Money for Border Wall in Next Funding Bill

We need a wall. If it means shutting down the government to get it than shut it down.

Judge Questions Jurisdiction of the Mueller Special Counsel

This is a pretty big blow for this retarded witch hunt.

Kike Rod Rosenstein Claims Congressional Oversight is Extortion

This ridiculous Jewish piece of shit belongs in a jail cell.

Charlottesville: White Man Convicted for Self Defense Against Nigger Terrorist

If you are White, don't expect to receive justice in America.

Seven States Sue to End DACA Program

Just kick these anchor babies out of the country already. I don't give a fuck about them.

Caravan of Invaders Sets Up Camp On US-Mexico Border

If America is such a racist country then why the fuck do these savages keep wanting to come here?

Caravan of Beaner Monkeys Arrives on US-Mexico Border

These invaders should be shot and gassed if needed. If the Jews can do this, why can't we?