Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trump Says Report About Him Trying to Fire Mueller is Fake News

This is another non news story being blown up into a big thing by lying Jews.

New FBI Texts Prove Clinton Email Investigation Was Fixed

Imagine what will be revealed when all of this is fully investigated.

Sanctuary City Mayors Boycott Trump’s Infrastructure Meeting

These mayors should be arrested.

Sources Tell Hannity That DoJ is Recovering Missing FBI Texts

There's no reason why they can't find these texts.

Beaner Monkeys Protest Outside Kike Chuck Schumer’s Home!

The "dreamer" beaner monkeys are angrier at Schumer than Trump!

FBI’s Anti-Trump “Secret Society” Held Meetings Off-Site

How much more needs to come out before we see firings and arrests? This is getting retarded.

FBI Text Messages Describe “Secret Society” to Thwart Trump

How the fuck do these nitwits still have jobs?

Trump Approves Tariffs On Solar Panels and Washing Machines

More protective measures need to be taken to preserve American jobs.

Congress Strikes Deal to End Government Shutdown

The apocalypse was narrowly averted!

Racists at NASA Remove Black Female Astronaut From Space Mission

White supremacy is alive and well in NASA.